Tips and Tweaks: How to Make Paint By Numbers Look Better

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Paint-by-numbers has become a more popular go-to hobby for adults and children alike in recent years. Finishing a PBN project is an achievement on its own, but why not go all out and make your painting stand out among the rest?

Make a lasting impression with your masterpiece and read up as we share some tips and tweaks on how to elevate your PBN experience. 

Check If You’re Using The Right Color

A tip so simple and so basic yet often overlooked, always double check your paint colors before painting over your canvas. While using the wrong color can be corrected with a simple fix, save yourself the trouble of painting over the same areas multiple times to cover up the mistake. 

Opalberry Paint by Numbers kits help keep you on the right track with its pre-filled digital swatch file(sent to your email) created in collaboration with Melanie of Melanie B’s Creative Studio. Click on this link to get the digital swatch file for your chosen design.                                                                                                        

Add Extra Coats of Paint

Layering on the paint helps give your painting depth as it creates textures and shadows. Your first layer of paint sets the base for the next layers while also covering the numbers on your canvas. White acrylic paint or marker also does the job. 

While Opalberry PBN kits come with paints that offer full vibrancy, you can always opt to add extra coats of paint to fix streaks and to give your painting a more polished look.

Play Around With Paint Strokes and Textures 

What makes PBN so appealing is how it lets you be as creative as you want. While each color corresponds to a number, you can always play around with your paint techniques and textures.

Want a softer, more subtle tweak? Swipe your brush back and forth where the edges meet to soften and blend the edges. This technique is perfect for painting over skies and bodies of water as it lends a gradient effect to your painting. 

For a striking, sleek look, layer your paints and use a stippling motion to create grooves for added texture. Apply this technique on trees and land areas for a textured, life-like finish.                                                                                                                                                

Personalize Your Painting 

Did you know that you can add some personal touches to your painting? Feel free to practice your painting techniques and add some personal touches to your piece.                                            


While PBN kits come with paints to cover a specific area, who says you can’t change the color to match your taste? See how we elevated the Opalberry Gerbera Flower Blooms just by changing the background color.

Proudly display your finished PBN painting by choosing a frame that will make your piece stand out or better yet, you may want to get your hands on the Opalberry framed by numbers kit. The durable yet light pinewood frames make it perfect to spruce up your space.

Start your paint by numbers painting today! Hue know you want to. Have fun creating!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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  • Susan on

    Thanks for sharing your info about selling my PBN art pieces. I have been concerned about copyright infringement accusations, but think you are right about identifying the art pieces as exactly what they are.
    Do you know of a way to conduct any further proof that a design is not under a copyright condition?
    Thanks again,

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