Framed Canvas

Choose framed canvas from our great collection of high quality paint by numbers themes. You can decorate your room or make a perfect gift. The framed canvas has the advantage to be displayed as soon as your painting is complete.

A brief history of paint by numbers.

Holding a paint brush for the first time can be a daunting prospect for most of us, but everybody should be able to surpass the idea that art is just for few of us. The desire of creating lies in all of us and the invention of paint by number kits back in the 1950’s had the concept that all of us can paint at its core. “Every man a Rembrandt” was the slogan used to create paint by numbers sets popular among the American people, helping to bring the idea to life and to transform paint by number into a national phenomenon. A great pastime, a hobby, a breakthrough of creativity, a leisure treat – each and all of them encapsulated in one revolutionary concept – the paint by number kit.

Its original creators are considered to be Max S. Klein, business man and owner of the Palmer Paint Company of Detroit, and artist Dan Robbins – the person who actually invented the idea and stood behind the concept that anyone can paint and developed many of the first paintings. The success of paint-by-number sets was such that the company opened branches in several countries – Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy and Norway.

Until today paint by number kits are the best way to start painting, whit no experience needed and by yourself. Try it out on our sets that stand out in quality and detail!

Framed Canvas