Shore Leave

Give in and listen to your heart’s desire as the gentle ripples of the lake keep you company. Still waters reflecting the clouds as they gently pass by, Shore Leave nudges you to go beyond the horizon and see what the other side has to offer.

Seeking an escape from your worries? You don’t need much - just the company of someone you trust anda boat, or two.

Morning Glory

Wake up to these fresh blooms as they bathe in the soft glow of the morning sun. A gentle reminder to slow down and smell the roses, Morning Glory captures the beauty in simplicity - how freshly cut flowers only need a vase filled with water and the rays of the sun to blossom.

The touches of pastel against the warmth of the countryside scenery evokes a feeling of peace and serenity - a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle the city brings..

Ocean Breeze

Feel the breeze on your skin and let the waves kissing the shore sing you a lullaby.As you spend a day on the beach in the last days of summer, you'll wriggle your toes in the sand with the artwork, Ocean Breeze.

The skies change hues as the night deepens, reminiscent of warm summer days filled with laughter echoing on the hum of the wind.

Sailing on the Sound

Let silence calm your raging heart and mind as you spend a day on the lake, aboard a boat sailing toa destination that nobody knows. Sailing on the Sound perfectly captures the serenity of the moment.

Ruffled only by the wake of the sailboat's graceful glide, the serene lake invites you to ride into the sunset and watch your worries fade away into the night.

Stolen Kiss

Feel safe in the warmth of a loved one’s hug as the rain pours into the night. Tucked away like a secret wish waiting to be unraveled, Stolen Kiss captures how love overflows and overpowers as you reach for a stolen kiss between the stone walls.

The warm glow of street lamps illuminates two lovers, basking in the warmth of a romance blossoming under rain-kissed stars.

Sunrise on the Columbia

Signaling new beginnings and a fresh start, welcome the daybreak with peace in your mind and love in your heart. The light slowly but surely peeking from the dark, Sunrise on the Columbia encourages you to take a chance and live another day.

As a bevy of swans bravely threads the waters, so will you as you take on today with courage.