Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paint by Numbers?

Created for people of all ages, paint by numbers is an easy-to-follow painting activity completed by painting on a pre-numbered canvas. No experience required to create a work of art nice enough to display in your home! Each number corresponds to a specific color, making painting literally as easy as 1,2,3!

How long does it take for an order to arrive?

Depending on your location, you can get your hands on your Opalberry PBN kits within 3-5 business days from the date of your order.

Where do you ship from?

Opalberry Paint by Numbers kits are packed and shipped from the U.S.

Do you accept returns and refund requests?

Yes. We offer warranty if you’re not 100% satisfied with your Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it right. You always have the option to ask for a return within 90 days, no questions asked.

What’s included in an Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit for adults?

Each Opalberry Paint by Numbers FRAMED kit includes the following:

  • Your chosen design printed on premium linen-based canvas, pre-stretched on a wooden frame
  • A complete set of creamy, vibrant acrylic paints
  • 3 wooden-handled paint brushes (1 flat, 1 pointed, 1 detailed round brush)
  • Reference sheet of your design
  • Colored image of finished design
  • 1 ultra light 3X magnifying bookmark

On the other hand, the Opalberry Paint By Numbers ROLLED kits include the following:

  • Your chosen design printed on premium linen-based canvas, safely rolled to avoid wrinkles
  • A complete set of creamy, vibrant acrylic paints
  • 3 wooden-handled paint brushes (1 flat, 1 pointed, 1 detailed round brush)
How many paint colors are included in each kit?

Depending on your chosen design, each Opalberry Paint By Numbers kit has 24-30 paint pots. Don’t worry as we made sure that each Opalberry PBN kit comes with enough paint to finish your artwork.

I am not an artist, can I still do a paint-by-numbers artwork?

Yes, you definitely can! The kits are perfect for all ages and are beginner-friendly, too. Each Paint By Numbers kit comes with a complete set of materials you’ll need to paint your own masterpiece. Also, you can scan the QR code on the box if you want to receive a digital copy of the swatches and advice on how to use the kit. So, choose now your favorite designs and have fun creating!

Do I need to prep my canvas?

While the thick, linen-based canvas can be painted straight from the box, feel free to prep your canvas with your preferred transparent gesso. Do note that Opalberry Paint by Number kits do not come with primer.

Do I need to apply multiple layers of paint for good coverage?

Opalberry canvases are printed with orange ink instead of the usual black ink, making it easy to see yet easy to cover up with paint. Although there’s no such thing as a perfectly opaque acrylic paint, we try to come as close as possible as each kit comes with creamy, vibrant paints that make painting a breeze.

Furthermore, each kit has a free pre-filled digital swatch that will be sent to your email if you subscribe to the mailing list. This will help you know whether there are paints that would need a 2nd layer to achieve your desired coverage.

Should I clean my brush when I am switching colors?

Yes, you should! Rinse the brush in between colors to avoid mixing the colors together. Gently tap on a tissue paper until water runs clear. Check out this article for more tips on how to take care of your brushes.

How should I clean my paint brushes?

Before you start painting, prepare a glass of water and some tissue paper. Rinse in between colors and remove excess water by gently tapping on tissue paper. Before storing after every painting session, swirl your brushes in a cup of water or place it under running water to completely remove any excess paint.

After washing your paint brushes, squeeze out the excess water and use your fingers to help reshape the tips before they dry. Be gentle - pulling the bristles too hard can cause shedding.

To help keep the brush’s shape, let the paint brush dry without the tip touching any hard surface. Store them horizontally and air dry, ready for your next painting project.

Brush up on basic brush care by reading this article.

Should I seal my completed Paint by Number project?

It’s not necessary, but to protect your finished painting against dust and to help keep its vibrancy, you can apply a clear varnish available in matte, satin, and glossy finish from any of your local art stores or on online stores like Amazon. We recommend acrylic water-based varnish.

What should I do with my completed Paint by Number artwork?

Take pride in your finished PBN project while adding personal touch to any space by displaying your paintings. Check out this article for some tips and tweaks on how to hang your finished PBN project and this page for some interior design inspo!

You can also share your masterpiece to the world by posting it on social media, gifting it to your friends and loved ones, and even selling it on sites like Etsy.

How long does it take to complete a Paint-by-Numbers?

Opalberry PBN projects can last for hours or even days, depending on the intricacy of your design and your dedicated painting time.

For beginners, we recommend starting with a simple design with wider gaps for a more comfortable experience. Take as many paint breaks as needed and remember to enjoy your painting journey!

How long does it take for the paint to dry?

Acrylic paints dry super fast, it usually takes just 10-15 minutes for paint to completely dry, depending on how thick your paint application is.

Are your paints non-toxic?

Yes! To keep you safe, all Opalberry kits comply with the standards set by ASTM D-4236. Certified by RTS Labs, Ltd in August 2020. However, while the paint sets are safe and non-toxic, we still recommend proper storage and keeping it out of children’s reach.

What do I do if I receive the wrong item or my item is defective?

If for any reason you are not delighted with your order, we would be happy to assist. Feel free to reach out to us at

Are your canvases framed?

Opalberry Paint by Numbers kits come either stretched on a wooden frame (“framed”) or rolled, keeping each canvas wrinkle-free and ready to paint straight from the box. If you’re looking for a unique painting experience, a paint on wood option is also available for you to try out.

What if I run out of paint?

Each Opalberry PBN kit comes with a complete set of paints enough to cover your chosen design.

Should you wish to add a personal touch to your design, acrylic paints are available at your local art supply store or online at Amazon.

Do you have a Paint by Number kit that is not on canvas?

Yes, we do! Give this paint on wood option a try for a unique painting experience.

What are the dimensions of this item?

This is a 16x20’’ paint by numbers kit.

How long before the paint expires/dries up once opened?

Included in each Opalberry PBN kit are high-quality, creamy water-based acrylic paints. However, all paints, both opened and unopened, dry out in time. Unopened paint pots can last from 6 months up to a year, but we recommend that you paint your PBN kits within 3 months after getting them.