How to Display a Masterpiece: The Do’s and Don’ts of Hanging Art

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Displaying art is a great way to spruce up a space without the hassle and the expenses of a full renovation. A great way to showcase your favorite paint-by-numbers masterpieces, displaying them also adds character to your space. 

Open up to the endless possibilities of decorating your space and showing off your personal artworks, read up on the do’s and don’ts of hanging art on your walls.

Consider the Structure of Your Wall and Your Artwork

Eager to put art on display, most of us fail to consider the structure of the wall where we’ll hang art. Is the wall strong enough to hold framed artworks? Is the frame sturdy enough to hang on the wall? 

Before hanging your latest masterpiece, do some research first to make sure both your wall and your precious art are protected. Case in point, a large painting with a heavy frame shouldn’t be hung on simple plaster walls using just a couple of screws. You should also double-check and make sure your screws won’t go through water pipes or electrical wirings behind your walls.  

Opalberry Paint-by-Numbers kits come in your choice of canvas: framed, rolled, and a paint-on-wood option, too. Pre-stretched on a wooden frame, Opalberry framed canvas kits are made of durable yet lightweight pine wood, perfect for display. You may also opt to have your rolled canvas framed in your frame of choice, making it the perfect conversation starter in any space.

Choose the Right Frame For Your Art

The right frame does not only showcase your art, it helps keep your art protected, too. While it is important to choose a frame style that complements your space, you would want to choose the right type of glass to help keep your art dust- and damage-free as well. 

Non-glare Glass and Regular Glass

Readily available at your local art supply store and framing shops, these are less expensive but offer little to no protection against UV rays that may cause your artwork to fade and lose its vibrancy. 


More expensive than regular glass, plexiglass is stronger, more shatter-resistant, and offers more protection. 

Museum Glass

The most expensive framing glass and with good reason, museum glass controls reflection from surrounding light sources giving your art pieces optimum clarity when displayed. Also known as non-reflection glass or art glass, museum glass blocks 99% of UV rays, keeping your art pieces protected in the best way possible. 

Hang Your Art at Eye Level

One thing you wouldn’t want is to strain yourself and all the other people around you when they try to view your artwork. What you’d want is for everyone to look at your paint-by-numbers masterpiece and admire it comfortably. 

A good rule to follow is to have your art piece’s midpoint at about 57-60 inches from the ground to match average eye level. To do this, get the midpoint of your artwork by measuring its height and dividing it to two then hang it 60 inches by its center. 

If you’re hanging your art above a couch, the rule of thumb is to hang it about 6-10 inches above the furniture. 

Keep Your Framed Pieces Out of Direct Sunlight

While it is tempting to watch the rays of the sun illuminate your masterpiece, light damage is irreversible. Keep your framed pieces away from large windows and doors to help keep your art piece’s vibrancy. 

For the same reason, avoid hanging your framed pieces above the fireplace. Aside from the possibility of a fire hazard, smoke and heat can cause some damage on your framed art in the long run. 

Consider Your Personal Space’s Style and Purpose

Hang your masterpiece that complements your personal style and your space’s purpose. Consider the room in which you’ll be displaying your art. If you want to hang one of your artworks at high-temperature and high-moisture areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom, protect your paintings with glass or plexiglass as the moisture may affect your painting’s quality. 

Finally, match your paintings to your room for a more cohesive look. Play around with colors and styles until you find ones that best suit you and your space best. Opalberry offers you an array of paint-by-number kits to choose from featuring awe-inspiring sights to everyday moments of magic - you’re sure to find the perfect piece for your space. 

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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