Brush Up!: Taking Care of Your Paint Brushes

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Spending days at home doesn't need to be a bore when you can create art and more! Help calm your mind and soul by working on your next masterpiece from the comfort of your home through an Opalberry Paint By Numbers Kit

Brush Up On the Benefits

While paintbrushes may look the same from the outside, they come in different materials and shapes, each serving a specific purpose. An Opalberry Paint By Numbers kit comes with 3 complementary paint brushes, each aimed at making each of your brushstroke a success.

  • An Opalberry Premium Paint-by-Numbers kit comes with 1 flat, 1 pointed round, and 1 detailed round brushes that can cover large and small zones
  • Paint with ease and comfort using our wooden-handled brushes
  • Quality nylon bristles for smooth and even paint application every time
  • No-shed straight brushes

You know you have a good set of paint brushes on your hands when yours get soaked in paint, glide freely on a canvas, and then leave behind a trail of vibrant colors that bring an artwork to life.

And to enjoy painting tons of masterpieces with your trusted paint brushes for a very long time, they deserve the best care possible. To keep your paint brushes in the best condition possible, here are some points to remember:  

Never Let Paint Dry On a Paint Brush

The most important thing you need to remember when painting with acrylics is that they dry very quickly. Letting your paint dry on your paint brush makes it harder (or even impossible!) to remove and will affect your paint brush’s performance. Bristles can stiffen and spread, causing uneven and streaky paint application. 

As a rule of thumb, wash your brushes after every use to make sure that it is free from any paint. Squeeze out the excess water with a gentle motion and avoid pulling as this can damage your paint bristles.

If you’re painting for hours at a time and you’re using different paint brushes, you can dip your brushes in water every once in a while then shake off the excess to make sure no paint dries up on the bristles and to keep them moist as well. 

Rinse With Water or Under Running Water

While it should be enough to just rinse the brush by swirling it in a cup of water or placing it under running water most of the time, some brushes just need a little bit more help. For basic brush cleaning, wash your brush with mild soap suds and warm water. 

Avoid soaking your used paint brush in hot water as this causes the paint to clot, making it harder to remove. Lastly, avoid using detergent in washing your brushes as this may irreversibly damage the bristles.

Store Your Paint Brushes Properly

After washing your paint brushes, squeeze out the excess water and use your fingers to help reshape the tips before they dry. Use gentle strokes as pulling the bristles can cause shedding.

To help keep the brush’s shape, let the paint brush dry without the tip touching any hard surface. Store them horizontally and air dry, ready for your next painting project. 

Now that you’ve brushed up on basic brush care, let’s get that Paint By Numbers project started. Have fun creating!

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  • Janine Nicholl on

    I do not use social media but love your paintings and the wonderful brushes that you send with the kit. I buy them with frames so that I can use my easel. I have made two of your paintings and will continue to buy them. They are made so much better than most. The last one was a swan and the blue paints did not last for the whole painting. It will be much better if there were two sets of blues.

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