Orange Is the New Black: How Designs Printed in Orange Ink Produce Better Art

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If you’re someone who’s done quite a lot of paint-by-numbers kits in the past from different brands, probably the first thing you’d notice that sets Opalberry apart from the others when you open that *beautiful* box is the printed design in the canvas. 

Printed on choice linen-based canvas that is pre-treated to protect against moisture and fading, your chosen design is printed with “burnt orange” ink rather than black, making it still visible yet very easy to cover.

See for yourself how orange ink is a dream to paint over: 

Because the edges and the numbers are printed in orange ink, even first-timers wouldn’t have a hard time covering up all those lines and numbers in their canvas as the print easily blends with most of the paints included in the kit. This way, Opalberry makes paint-by-numbers a foolproof way to learn a new hobby that won’t leave you more frustrated than relaxed and de-stressed. 

While this unique feature in Opalberry kits solves the problem of black inks being hard to cover, acrylics are, alas, not perfect! You may still see ‘ghost markings’ showing through the paint, that may distract you from ultimately admiring your masterpiece. Lined up below are some other tips and tweaks on how to perfectly cover up lines and numbers and make your PBN project your best one yet: 

Check your paints

You might be rolling your eyes right now as this one’s pretty basic but this is probably the most important thing to do, too as you open and inspect your new kit. 

With a complete set of creamy, vibrant paints ready to use straight from the jar, each Opalberry PBN kit also comes with a digital swatch file that you can download to help you review your paints’ opacity and come up with a good ‘cover up’ plan. To get the swatch file that is specific to your design, click this link and be sure to select the exact kit you have on hand.

Cover the numbers with white paint

While a few extra coats of paint can help cover the numbers on your PBN kit, some paint colors run paler or more translucent than the others, allowing numbers to still peek through.

To help give you an even coating each time, you may choose to cover the numbers with a white marker, white pencil, or white paint. Then, let the white paint dry completely before painting over with another color. 

Apply extra layers of paint

Aside from covering up some little paint accidents here and there, don’t be afraid to apply extra coats of paint to your design also which would give it a more polished look. After all, included in your Opalberry kits are paints more than enough to finish your masterpiece. 

The first layer sets the base while covering up the numbers. The extra layers help give your painting an even coating as it smoothes out any streaky area. While a second or a third layer should give you an even, vibrant finish, feel free to add as many layers as needed, especially for lighter, more translucent colors - just make sure you give the paints ample time to dry before applying another layer. 

Do note that  multiple coats of paint may affect the paint surface so make sure to use downward strokes to avoid paint streaks. 

Tweak as needed

While Opalberry kits are designed to guide you all the way through your painting, feel free to tweak it as needed. If you’re ready to take your painting skills up a notch, add dimension to your painting by blending the edges for a seamless paint application. 

If you happen to have an Opalberry Gerbera Flower Blooms kit at hand, you can even change it’s background color to match your mood or match it to your current interior design. 

Let these tips and tweaks inspire you to have fun and play around with your Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit. 

Your imagined reality comes to life as Opalberry, in collaboration with renowned fine artist, Steve Henderson, introduces six new designs that capture the beauty in the middle of life's mundane realities. Bring to life designs that evoke the feeling of home in all forms - coming this March. 

More exciting details, coming your way soon! Sign up here and be one of the first to get notified when it’s coming.

Have fun creating! 

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    Hi Bonnie (

    You can refer to Melanie B.’s video on how to build a DIY frame and stretch your own canvas:

    We’re excited to see what you create!

  • Bonnie on

    Just received paint by number and I don’t find any directions for stretching the canvas. Please help….

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