Tips and Tweaks: How Paint Consistency and Application Affects Your Painting

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Consistency is key, or so we’ve heard. But did you know that your paint’s consistency can make or break your paint by numbers project?

With paints ready to use straight from the box, your Opalberry PBN kit comes with a complete set of acrylic paint enough to cover your chosen design. Acrylic paint is a fast-drying, water soluble paint that gives off vibrant colors making it the go-to paint for both beginners and advanced painters.

Learn more about paint consistency and how it affects your painting by watching the short clip below:

Opaque vs. Translucent vs. Transparent

By definition, opacity describes the hiding strength or the ability of paints to cover what’s underneath them when they’re applied on to a surface.

With opaque paints, light can’t pass through the paint layers so the lines and numbers underneath and even the canvas itself are perfectly hidden. Opaque paints produce a flatter, more matte result. In contrast, transparent and translucent paints allow more light to pass through them giving you a luminous finish - one where you can still see what’s underneath while still allowing you to see the colors of your painting.

Paint Consistency and Application

Depending on how much the paint is diluted with water or any thinning agent, the finished painting can resemble a gouache and even an oil painting. Do note that your Opalberry paints are ready to use but can be adjusted as needed.

Generally, how thick and how thin your paint is also affects their opacity. As shown in the image above, covering the second line with a single layer of a translucent paint still allows light to pass through, making the canvas and the orange line entirely visible. But applying just one more layer to the third line hides the canvas and the line underneath - just the right coverage you would want to achieve.

For opaque paints, you would only need just one coat of paint to completely cover lines and numbers. On the other hand, for paints with translucent (semi-transparent) opacity, you may either apply 2 or 3 coats or apply a layer that’s thicker than you normally do to entirely make lines and numbers ‘disappear’ on your canvas.

With your ease and comfort in mind

Opalberry Paint by Numbers kits designs are printed with orange ink instead of the usual blank ink, making it easy to see yet easy to cover up with paint. Each kit comes with your choice of quality canvas(framed, rolled, and even a paint-on-wood option!), a set of creamy, vibrant paints, and complimentary paint tools - giving you a picture-perfect painting each time. 

Furthermore, to help you with knowing whether a paint is opaque or translucent and with deciding how thick and how thin your paint coverage should be, Opalberry provides you with a complimentary pre-filled digital swatch that will be sent to your email, which you can review before starting with your PBN kit. To get the swatch file that is specific to your design, click this link and be sure to select the exact one that you plan to paint.  

On the lookout for new PBN kit designs? Opalberry might just have what you’re looking for as we launch new designs curated from some the best works of artist extraordinaire, Steve Henderson. 

The six new designs evoke the feeling of home in all forms. With designs ranging from spectacular sights to everyday moments of magic, you’d be sure to find ones you’d love to work on next. 

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Have fun creating!  

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