Art and Soul: Healing Through Art

Fiona Clemente

An unavoidable reality that affects everyone, stress is the body’s natural response to an event or situation that requires action and attention. While not all stress is bad for your health, it is important to pay attention to how your body responds to minor and major stressors so you know when to seek help. 

Relaxation and de-stressing through art is one of the many ways you can manage your stress levels while encouraging creativity and freedom of expression. Whether you’re a Van Gogh or just a budding artist, studies show that creating art and engaging in artistic activities significantly lower your stress levels and help improve your overall health. 

How can art help you relax and de-stress?

Have you noticed how singing along to your favorite song automatically lifts your mood? Or how doodling in class helps you focus better? Self-expression through art encourages people to find new ways to gain personal insight and to develop new coping skills that help you go through stressful situations with calmness and peace. 

In making art, you are given the creative tool to work through your emotional and physical stress while addressing worries and fears often overlooked as you go through the mundane and complex realities of life. The creative process of making art helps our subconscious manage deep-rooted emotions, while expressing ourselves in a fun and healthy manner.

There are so many forms of art, which one should I try? 

Looking for an entertaining art hobby that you can do for hours while at home? Paint-by-numbers kits are available for those who just need a little boost and are great for those who are trying out painting for the first time. 

Try Opalberry’s Premium Paint-by-Numbers kits.

Since each paint-by-numbers kit already comes with a complete set of tools you need to create your piece of art, you can start creating straight from the box. 

I’m not artistic, can I still try making art? 

Yes, you can! Since relaxation through art mainly focuses on the process and not on the outcome, people of all ages, abilities and disabilities, with or without prior experience in art can benefit from it.

Let’s take painting for an example. Painting is a great and imaginative way to stimulate the brain, express your emotions, and be entertained for hours at the comforts of your own home. It can be a little daunting if you haven’t painted anything in your life though - not knowing the technicalities of art, mixing of colors, or even thinking of what image to paint can be too intimidating for beginners. 

For a painting experience that lessens stress and anxiety, budding artists and pros alike, you can try Opalberry Paint-by-Numbers for adults. With these kits, the canvases already come with a design, outlined and numbered with corresponding colors to fill these areas in -- all you have to do is choose a specific design to paint on and let your creative juices flow.

Opalberry Paint-by-Numbers kits come with your choice of canvas, complete sets of paints, and quality, wooden-handled brushes. Let your imagination run wild and let Opalberry PBN kits take care of the rest. 

Relaxation and de-stressing through art is an effective and affordable way of helping you cope with everyday stress. Whatever art form you choose, know that you are choosing wellness as you become your best self. Put your art and soul into it and paint your worries away!

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