Choose Your Canvas: Opalberry Rolled Canvas Paint by Numbers Kit

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On the lookout for the perfect canvas for your Paint-By-Numbers projects?

Watch the video below and share Dorothy’s excitement as she unboxes her Opalberry rolled canvas paint by numbers kit.

Created with your comfort and ease in mind, Opalberry offers paint by numbers kits on framed canvas, rolled canvas and even wooden boards! Each kit comes in tasteful, ready-to-gift boxes that are not only pleasing to the eyes but are also made to withstand long distance shipping and delivery.

Why Choose Rolled Canvas? 

Opalberry rolled canvas paint by numbers kits come with thick, linen-based canvas that are carefully rolled for a crease-free, worry-free painting experience each time.

Painting on a rolled canvas also saves you from the hassle of unfolding your canvas only to find creases and folds that may affect paint quality. Here are some tips to help you get started on your PBN project.

Prepare Your Canvas

Upon unboxing your PBN kit, set aside your tools and find a smooth, even surface to lay your rolled canvas onto. The canvas is neatly rolled, keeping it free from creases and folds and making painting over it a breeze.  

Before painting, you may choose to lay your canvas flat on a surface or have it mounted on an easel board. Each canvas is pre-treated  to help prevent moisture and fading - its thick, linen-based material is a dream to paint on. 

Protect Your Canvas

Keep your painting vibrant and alive as each canvas is pre-treated for additional protection against moisture and fading. For colors that come to life, you may choose to apply additional layers of paint to each section. Your Opalberry PBN kits come with creamy, ready-to-use paints that are vacuum-sealed for extra protection against drying and help prevent spilling.

Another option would be to seal your finished PBN painting with a sealant. Readily available in Amazon or your local art supply stores, the sealant protects your painting from damage while also giving it sheen for an opulent finish. Note that applying sealant is totally optional as your Opalberry PBN kits are designed to withstand the test of time.

Frame Your Canvas

You’re sure to find the perfect PBN kit for your needs as Opalberry paint by numbers kit comes in rolled and framed canvas options. Framed canvas is ready to display right after you finish painting; also, the canvas is stretched flat, making paint application a breeze. Rolled canvas takes less space and gives you the freedom to stretch it differently. Each has its advantages!

Should you wish to add a more personal touch to your finished PBN rolled canvas project, you may have it framed and displayed - adding a splash of color to your home. DIY wood canvas frames are also available for purchase on Amazon or at your local art supply stores and framing service shops.

Whatever canvas you choose, you’re sure to have a relaxing time painting your worries away with your own Opalberry paint by numbers kit.

Have fun creating! 


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