Tips and Tweaks: Upgrade Your Opalberry “Gerbera Flower Blooms” Paint By Numbers Masterpiece

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This unique painting catches the eye with the strong contrast between the bright, happy color of the flowers and the black background that showcases them. But that background also enables a unique feature of this painting, not easily available in 99.9% of paint-by-numbers - you can match it to the space where you display it! Read on to find out how a simple change in background color breathes new life to your PBN painting. 

Featured below is the Gerbera Flower Blooms design -- a piece so incredibly detailed, it brings into your room the fresh, vibrant flowers as if they were just picked. Its colors warm and inviting, it brightens up and cheers up any space you display it in.

While the featured black background really makes the flowers and vase pop, see how a tweak in the background color changes the overall feel of the design. Note: your Opalberry PBN kit comes with creamy, vibrant paints in the original colors pictured above; when you opt to change your painting’s background, you’ll need additional acrylic paints available on Amazon or at your local art supply stores. 

Ready to take your painting up a notch? Below are some tips and tweaks to get you started

Find a color inspiration.

Before changing your painting’s background color, you may want to draw inspiration from available interior design catalogs. Find one that suits your existing home color palette for a seamless overall look or go bold and have your painting stand out from the rest. We include some ideas in this article but feel free to look for the one that best matches your specific room.

Start with colors that you like for a more personal touch. Swatch as many colors as possible until you find one that catches your eye. You can then mix and match the colors to create a color palette made just for you.

Draw inspiration from your home.

Look around your home. Do you find yourself choosing neutral-colored pieces for your home? Or do you enjoy a splash of color every now and then? 

For classic interiors that evoke a sense of calm and peace, it is best to utilize neutral colors such as cream and beige to highlight the Gerbera Flower Bloom’s vibrant colors. For interiors with a modern feel, go bold and choose paints that complement your design’s colors to make your piece stand out. 

Understanding color combinations can help decide which colors would match as replacement background to your Gerbera Flower Bloom masterpiece. Looking for a complementary background color that would make your gerberas’ colors pop? Or are you looking for a subtle monochromatic background for a more harmonious look? 

Refer to a color wheel chart like the one below or use an online color wheel calculator so you can easily know which colors would best match your chosen look for your room. 

Swatch your paints

So you’ve finally decided on a new background color and is ready for a change, now what? Before painting, swatch your new paint colors to test their opacity. 

Take note that the Gerbera Flower Blooms design features a black background color in particular. Should you wish to change the color after painting it black, make sure to check your new paint color’s opacity to fully cover the existing background color with an even paint application. Of course, it’s easier if you paint the new color instead of black in the first place, but you still have the numbers to cover!

Let’s paint!

Let your painting dry completely before painting over it. While using quality acrylic paints will help cover your existing colors, do note that there will be some changes on your paint surface and may take you a longer time to fully cover your canvas. Lighter colors may need several coats than darker colors - depending on the paint’s opacity. 

Go ahead and don’t be afraid to add a touch of YOU to your Opalberry Paint By Numbers kit. If you haven't yet, you can get your very own kit here. Elevate your Gerbera Flower Blooms piece and watch your home bloom all year round. Have fun creating! 

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