Choose Your Canvas: Opalberry Framed Canvas Paint by Numbers Kit

Fiona Clemente

With the goal to give you the best painting experience Paint-by-Number kits have to offer, Melanie of Melanie B’s Creative Studio shares her love for the Opalberry framed (that is, pre-stretched on a wooden frame) canvas kit. 

Check out the video below to see her excitement as she unboxes her Opalberry framed canvas PBN kit.

In her unboxing video above, Melanie features our Gerbera Flower Blooms design--an intricately detailed piece that takes you to summer days spent frolicking in fields of blooms.  Bring home a piece of nature and display this in any room in your home for a burst of freshness and zest.

Packed to Perfection 

Packaged in a thoughtfully-designed, well-crafted box made to withstand shipping without compromising quality, these PBN kits come with your chosen design printed on quality linen-based canvas. Each kit also comes with a complete acrylic paint set (no mixing required), premium wooden-handled brushes, and a complimentary bookmark-sized magnifying glass for a worry-free painting experience every time. 

Careful Consideration to Canvas

The thick canvas is carefully pre-stretched on a wooden frame making it free from wrinkles and creases. Treated to withstand moisture and fading, paint glides smoothly and evenly on the canvas making your painting experience relaxing and stress-free. Your chosen design is also printed in red ink, making it easier on the eyes and easy to cover, too.

Purposeful Paint Packaging

Ready to use straight from the box, the paints that come in the kit are creamy, vibrant, and adhere to the canvas with ease. Vacuum-sealed to protect against spilling and excess moisture that may affect paint quality, each kit comes with a complete set of acrylic paints enough to complete your chosen design.

Each paint stroke promises best-in-class vibrance and opacity, even with lighter colors. 

Ideal Image Improvement

As the designs are detailed with small zones to produce life-like, intricate paintings, some may find them more challenging than other PBN kits. However, you will find a cute and handy magnifying glass in your PBN kits to help with small numbers and painting zones. Your Opalberry kits also have 3 premium paint brushes with varying sizes that you can use depending on the size of the zone you’re working on. 

When working on small zones, position your magnifying glass a few inches above your canvas for ideal image improvement. You can also use a toothpick as a fourth paint brush to cover such small areas. 

Designed to Deliver

Opalberry Paint-by-Numbers kits come in an array of legally licensed designs ranging from picturesque sceneries to everyday objects seen in a different light. Each kit comes with a photo reference sheet that you can use as a guide while completing your masterpiece. The sheet also indicates the complexity of your chosen design and the number of paint colors included to complete your paint project. 

Also included in your PBN kit is a pre-filled digital swatch file  (that will be sent to your email) created in collaboration with Melanie. The complimentary swatch file helps you check your paints’ opacity while serving as a paint reference guide as you work on your painting. To get the swatch file that is specific to your design, click this link and be sure to select the exact one that you plan to paint. 

Brush up on your creativity and paint your worries away with your own Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit. Hue can do it! (sorry for the pun) Don’t forget to check out all other fun and challenging designs to work on, too. 

Have fun creating! 

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