Tips and Tweaks: Basic Painting Techniques to Get You Started on Your PBN Project

Your Friends at Opalberry interior design paint by numbers paint by numbers for adults paint opacity pbn tips tips and tweaks

Ready to work on your Opalberry Paint By Numbers kit but not sure how and where to begin? Don’t let the incredibly intricate details overwhelm you as you dip into the wonderful world of paint by numbers!

Below are some tips and tweaks to help you get started on your PBN project. 

Paint The Corresponding Number With the Correct Color 

A step so simple yet so often overlooked, it is best to check all your paint areas before starting. Your Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit comes with a printed finished image of your chosen design that you can use as a reference while painting.

Accidentally used the wrong color on a number? Let the paint dry completely and paint over the area using the correct color.       

Work on Larger Areas First

Begin painting larger areas before working on the smaller, more detailed areas to keep your painting free from smears and smudges. Prevent paint smudges by starting from the top and working your way towards the bottom.

Right-handed people should go from left to right, while left-handed people are advised to start from right to left.           

Use the Right Amount of Paint

Go easy on the paint and use the right amount of it when working on your PBN project. While it is tempting to use too much paint, doing this makes blending and spreading the paint a struggle.

You’d be surprised at how little paint your paint brush needs, so dip only your brush’s tip and let it work its magic.                 

And Finally, Start With Dark Colors Then Light Colors    

To help give you a better understanding on how the composition of colors work, begin with darker colors first before adding the lighter ones. Doing this can help you figure out how the colors correspond with each other and what effect they give off. 

More experienced painters swear by this technique, so give it a try and see for yourself!

Keep these tips and tweaks in mind and start painting today! Have fun creating!       

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