Paint By Number Tips and Tweaks: Smart Storage Solutions for Your Paint Jars

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Does working on your multiple Opalberry paint by numbers projects leave your desk a mess? Worry no more as storing your paint jars need not be a paint in the butt!

Keep your desk spotless and your paints organized through some smart storage solutions for your paint jars that you can easily find in your own homes:

Meal Prep Containers

Whether you’re working on multiple adult paint by number kits or focusing on one, properly storing your paint jars should be on your to-do list. For budget-friendly storage solutions, the answer is right in your own pantry.

If you’re a fan of meal prepping or usually order take-out, chances are you already have food containers neatly stacked in your kitchen cabinet. Since most of these food storages are transparent, it’s easier to see which paint jar sets are inside.

Labeling your containers with the PBN kit design name will also make it easier for you to locate them in your next painting sesh! Better yet, repurpose the printed colored photo of your chosen design and attach it on the lid for a pretty and efficient labelling system.

Zip Lock Resealable Plastic Bags

Another option for those looking for space-saving storage solutions is to use reusable Ziploc bags. Offering the same results as meal prep containers, Ziploc bags are perfect for those who have limited storage space at home.

Most Ziploc bags are transparent, making paint jar sorting a breeze. For those who are on-the-go, storing your paint jars in a Ziploc bag makes it easy to grab your paint tools and bring it with you on a trip. Ziploc bags also come in different sizes so you can choose one that matches your needs. 

Tray Containers

If you’re cutting down on your use of plastic, storing your paint jars in a tray is your best bet. Keep the paint jars and brushes in the packaging they came in and store them neatly in trays.

A large tray can hold multiple paint jar sets making them perfect for those with limited closet space. 

Repurposed Jars and Paint Cans

A cost-efficient, eco-friendly storage solution? Look no more! Repurpose glass jars and even paint cans. Clean the jars thoroughly and let them dry. 

You can use excess paints on the kit to paint the jars for decorating the jars and make them aesthetically pleasing, or leave them to be for a clean, sleek look. Label the jars using markers or print out your own labels. 

Whatever storage solution you choose, make sure to store your paint jars away from direct sunlight and tightly close each paint jar to keep its vibrancy and texture. Have fun storing and creating!

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