Tips and Tweaks: One Stroke Blending Technique For Paint by Numbers

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Discover the secret of the art masters and why their paintings have highlights, shadows, and gradients that make them look realistic. Learn a simple way to do this in your DIY painting by numbers through the One Stroke Technique! This painting technique is a great way to remove the sharp lines separating the numbered zones on your PBN canvas. It'll look so realistic that you'll have a hard time convincing people that you painted using a PBN kit.

Let's begin!

Take your acrylic pots out and identify the two colors that you will be blending based on the numbered zones. For example, we chose numbers 17 and 20 from Opalberry’s beautiful
Fairytale Lake Town design.


After choosing two colors, take a small amount out of each container and place them close to each other on a palette (don’t worry about purchasing a special purpose palette, it can be anything, like a disposable dish or even a piece of thick paper!).

Maybe add the path of the brush:

Find your flat brush and combine the two colors with slow movements from top to bottom. 

Blend it on your palette until you get a gradient effect in the middle of the two colors.

Paint the line in between two numbered zones on your canvas. Remember, the goal is to remove the sharp, defined lines between each zone for a more realistic painting.

Keep applying more paint on the line until the sharp border fades away. If you see your mixed paint thicken, briefly dip your brush into your glass of water to keep your paint from drying out (but don’t over-dilute the paint, either!)

We'd love to see you use the one-stroke technique on your Opalberry Premium Paint by Numbers kits! Tag us with your work, and we’ll be proud to feature it on our social pages.

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  • Linda Yoselowitz on

    Tip on blending two paints is great, will keep using it! Thanks

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