Art and Soul: Promoting Physical and Mental Health Through Paint By Numbers

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The sudden rise in the use of technology has made our world bigger and smaller at the same time. Technology has infiltrated offices, schools, and homes across continents. While technology has simplified many aspects of our lives, the 24/7 access to information has created more possibilities for interruption and distraction. 

To help manage the digital stress that comes with the wide use of technology, research suggests scheduling a digital detox and making time for activities beyond our screens. If you’re on the lookout for a relaxing way to spend your digital detox, you may want to try out painting by numbers

Refine your skills

The older we grow, the more extra push our bodies need to keep it moving. Fine tune your motor skills while learning about the basics of art by regularly working on paint by numbers projects. 

Painting by numbers encourages you to move your wrists and fingers as you control the brushstrokes on your canvas. Working on detailed pieces also supports eye-hand coordination while improving focus and concentration.

Encourage creative thinking

With technology giving instant gratification, taking time off from gadgets and going back to basics help encourage creative thinking and problem solving.

From choosing a PBN design to planning your painting process, working on a PBN project allows you to think creatively with the help of technology. Painting encourages you to explore using your painting tools and imagination, and come up with solutions to common painting blunders you’ll make along the way. 

Socialize beyond social media

Spend time with loved ones beyond your screen and plan a paint by numbers party! Have your friends choose a PBN design and enjoy a slow, night-in together.

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Take it slow

Say no to mindless scrolling and yes to more mindful experiences. Doing something we enjoy releases endorphins that help improve our overall mood making us feel happier and energized. 

Proudly display your finished painting and fill your space with things lovingly made for a well-curated life beyond screens.

Like and subscribe to the life you have with Opalberry PBN kits. Have fun creating! 


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