Color Me Curious: How to Best Enjoy Your Paint By Numbers Kit

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Congratulations on unboxing your Opalberry paint by numbers kit and unboxing loads of fun time with it! Whether you’re going solo or with your best friends, we’ve rounded up the best ways to enjoy your painting party in a box.

Put on your painting playlist.

Who says you have to be with someone to enjoy painting? Romanticize your solo painting session by putting on your favorite playlist. Want to have the perfect playlist each time? Create a special playlist for your painting sessions.

Let this guide you in creating the perfect painting playlist to get you in the mood. 

Make painting part of your me-time.

Relax and unwind while creating art by making painting a part of your me-time. Painting by numbers is a great way to unwind and help relieve stress. Painting incredibly detailed pieces also helps teach you patience (something we all need these days!) while developing new skills.

Read more about the rewards of making painting by numbers you go-to hobby here 

Decorate your space with your finished painting. 

What better way to make your space more you by adorning it with your own art! Opalberry paint by numbers kit comes in an array of designs you’re sure to find one that best suits our space.

With more designs coming your way with every new release, here are some tips and tweaks to turn your space from blah to gah

Host a painting party. 

Look at this social butterfly go make friends while making art! Your painting party in a box, paint by numbers kits come with complementary painting tools so you can worry less and paint more.

Invite a few friends for dinner and let them pick a design to work on. Fill your space with laughter and art as you catch up on each others’ lives over wine. If you're having your loved ones over for the holidays, here are some ideas to help spread the holiday cheer, no matter what time of the year it is. 

Have fun creating! 


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