Color Me Curious: How Listening to Music Improves Your Painting Skills

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If you scroll through your playlist looking for the perfect song to create art to, listen up.

More than giving you the complete experience, your immediate environment influences the kind of art you create.

The kind of lighting, sounds, and even scents can elicit memories and emotions that influence our art process. If you listen to music while painting, read below to find out how music can help improve your painting skills.

Music influences your mood.


Ever wonder why listening to music full volume in the car gives you that euphoric feeling? Research shows that music affects our brain emotionally and listening to certain songs can evoke feelings of sadness, happiness, and even anger.

Music greatly influences our mood that most people even create playlists to go with specific tasks (motivational playlist, anyone?). If you want your painting to capture your true emotions, you may want to curate your playlist for your next painting session and see for yourself the magic of music.

Music encourages creativity.

No matter what music you choose to listen to, your choice of songs can affect the flow of your imagination and encourage creativity. Some writers even choose to write in silence to keep their writing as authentic as possible.

On the other hand, some painters keep music in the background to assist in their painting process. Some swear on how the harmony and beats heavily affect their color selection and brush strokes. Upbeat music result to quick strokes, while slower music can inspire a softer, more mellow concept.

Whatever mood you are in and music you listen to, there is an Opalberry PBN kit for you. See our selection of designs for pieces that are made for you, by you. 

Have fun vibing and creating!

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