Art and Soul: Fun Indoor Activities Without Electronics

Your Friends at Opalberry

Ever find yourself scrolling for hours, wasting the day away? Log off for a day and connect with the ones that matter the most.

Make the most of your offline day with these activities from your friends at Opalberry.

Schedule a self-care day.

Indulge and treat yourself to a self-care day. Pamper yourself at your go-to spa or set up a spa at home. Soothe your soul with a lit candle and your favorite record in the background. 

Read a book.

Watch your day go from fully booked to fluffy hooked by catching up on your reading. Find a cozy spot to nestle yourself in and get lost in the pages of your favorite reads. Ask friends for book recommendations or spend a quiet day at your local library for an offline day well-spent. 

Learn how to cook. 

Feast on a new dish prepared for you, by you! Try your hand at Grandma’s best recipes or freestyle your way in the kitchen. Make it into a fun cooking party by asking your friends to bring some ingredients and whip up a new dish on the spot. 

Get active. 

Shake off the stress and get active through exercise. Choose a workout that works for you and commit to it to see results. Good for the health and for the mind? Sign us up, please!  

Do some arts and crafts.

Destress while letting your creative juices flow by working on art projects to help calm your mind while teaching you a skill or two. Perfect for artists of all ages and skills, painting by numbers is a fun activity to try on your offline day. 

Opalberry PBN kits give you the complete painting experience within the comforts of your home. Choose from our delicately detailed pieces that come with basic painting tools you need to help you get started on your painting project. 

Like, love, and subscribe to the life that you have with Opalberry! Have fun creating! 

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