Tips and Tweaks: Elevating Paint By Numbers by Blurring and Blending Backgrounds

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While most experienced painters can agree that your painting’s background is just as important as your main subject, some make the mistake of focusing too much on the foreground and leaving the background, well, at the backburner. 

As in acting, your painting’s background supports your subject and sets the overall tone of the painting. The background makes or breaks the painting and when done right, it lets your subject shine.

If you’re looking to elevate your PBN project or just want to add a personal touch to your painting, why not consider changing up the background. 

Add texture and dimension.

One technique that painters, experienced or beginners alike, can do to add texture and dimension to their painting is dry brush blending. Simply take a dry paint brush and blend out the edges before the paint dries to create a soft, mottled effect. 

Another option is to completely change your painting’s background color to upgrade the overall look of your painting. You may opt to stick to a solid color for a contrasting look or go for several colors that complement your painting’s palette. 

Do note that while your Opalberry PBN kits come with a complete set of acrylic paints to use on your design, should you wish to change your painting’s background, feel free to purchase additional paints at your local art supply store. 

Create eye movement. 

Keep the viewer captivated by directing the eye through your painting. A more advanced painting technique, start with using the same color palette all throughout your painting for a more cohesive, sleek look. 

Textures and contrasts also play a role in adding movement to your painting. Create textures by experimenting with your brush strokes until you achieve your desired effect.

Don’t overdo it.

While your background helps improve the overall look of your design, overdoing it can make your painting go from eye-catching to eye-sore. Take a step back every once in a while to help you see the bigger picture.

Let your main subject shine while you play around with painting techniques for the background. Some painters recommend working on the background first while some work on it last to see how it affects your painting’s overall look. 

Try these techniques and see for yourself how a simple tweak in the background elevates your PBN project.

Have fun creating!

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