Art and Soul: 5 Fun Activities to Connect With Your Loved Ones

Your Friends at Opalberry

On the lookout for activities to connect and bond with your loved ones? Let your friends at Opalberry take care of that as we round up 5 fun activities just for you and your A-team!

Cook and enjoy a meal together

You know what they say, the way to the heart is through the stomach and we couldn’t agree more! Gather your best friends or your family, cook, and enjoy a meal together. Tick off your to-eat list and try out a new restaurant or take it to the next level by preparing a feast at home. 

Too busy to whip up a full meal? Go for a themed potluck party instead. Your favorite dishes with your favorite people? It can’t get any better than that. 

Explore the great outdoors

Feeling adventurous? Why not explore the great outdoors? If you’re stuck in the city, soak up the sun while exchanging stories on a picnic out in the park. A quick day trip to the beach is also a great way to escape the city’s hustle and bustle while spending time together.

Up for a challenge? Go for a cross-state adventure! Set up camp and gather around the bonfire while telling stories to warm up the cold night out in the wilderness. 

Join a class

Whatever activity you enjoy, there’s a class out there for you and your loved ones. All about fitness? Keep your body moving and go for a group workout class. A family of artists? Try a pottery class and create ceramic pieces to adorn your home with. 

Cozy up at home

Who says staying at home is no fun? Cozy up in the comforts of your home by gathering for a movie night. Have your loved ones take turns in picking out which movie to watch while munching on your go-to snacks.

Feeling competitive? Take the fun up a notch by organizing a game night with your favorite board games and video games. Losing team gets pizza for everyone, a win-win in our books!

Host a painting party

Turn any space into a paint and sip studio by hosting a painting party at home. Your painting party in a box, Opalberry paint by numbers kits make for the best painting party activity. Simply choose from our wide variety of designs, unbox your kit, and paint the night away. 

Opalberry PBN kits come with basic painting tools and your design in your canvas of choice, (rolled, framed, and even paint-on-wood options!) so you get the complete painting experience each time. Each guest brings home their finished painting as a souvenir or exchange paintings for a core memory forever captured. 

Have fun creating and making fond memories together. 

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