Art and Soul: Make Paint by Numbers Your Next Group Activity

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Who says you have to enjoy paint by numbers alone? Loved by people of all ages, paint by numbers make the perfect activity, alone or with your group of friends.

If you’re planning your next get-together, here are some fun ideas to help you get started.

Plan a dress-up party.

Put the art in party by hosting a dress-up party and have your friends come as their favorite artists. You can even choose a specific art period and have them work on a paint by numbers design following your theme.

Host a Paint and Sip party.

Think slumber party for adults. Gather your best girls (and guys, too!) and cozy up for a wine night in with an artistic twist. Adorn your space with fresh flowers and twinkle lights for ‘gram-worthy nice. Have your besties pick a paint by numbers design they fancy and cap off the night with a glass of wine for the ultimate Paint and Sip night in.

Bond with the family.

Start a new family tradition and carve out some time to paint together at home. Feeling competitive? Set some ground rules and turn it into a painting contest! Loser treats the family to a dinner out and bond over stories of your day together.

A painting party in a box, make OpalBerry paint by numbers a part of your celebrations. Available in an assortment of designs, each kit comes with complementary tools to help you get started on your paint by numbers project.

Have fun creating!


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