New Year, New Designs

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Paint a pretty picture of the new year as Opalberry launches new designs especially for you! Begin the year anew as we enter the year with fresh pieces to adorn your homes with. From memories forever captured to everyday  moments made special, there is a design for everyone with these PBN kits from Opalberry.

A Golden Moment 

Stay golden and reminisce of sunlit afternoons chasing after the sunset with A Golden Moment. The golden rays peeking through the overcast, a trio shares a special moment as adventures wait beyond the horizon.

A contrast between warm and cool tones, let the play of textures add character to any space and bring a smile on your face.

Clematis Beauty

Fill your space with flowers that last forever with the Clematis Beauty paint by numbers kit. Its pigmented petals plush against the lush foliage, enjoy the best nature has to offer within the comforts of your own home. 

Plant these blooming botanicals on a wall to add a touch of elegance to your study or office. 


Like a relaxing Saturday spent at the park, watching the time go by, Opalberry’s Soliste PBN kit brings a sense of calm and peace to any space. This piece features a lone swan relishing in the cool waters of the pond, the sunlight glistening on its feathers. 

Bring life to your living space and let this piece lull you to days of calm and serenity. 

Eiffel Tower

Take home a pocketful of memories in Paris with the Eiffel Tower PBN kit. The golden sun embracing the picturesque pillar, cherish days of romance spent walking along the streets of France. 

Framed by fresh flowers in a Parisian garden, say “Oui!” to days of wonder and wander with this piece displayed in your home. 

Backlit Cardinal

Begin the day with a smile as the birds sing-song their way into a new day. Perched atop the freshest blooms, the Backlit Cardinal is a sight to behold.

Taking its sweet time among the flowers, adorn your space with this piece as it reminds you to enjoy the little surprises life has to offer.

Ambassador of Spring

As the warmth of spring embraces the bitter cold of winter, the birds signal the start of spring. Wake up to the soft songs of the birds with the Ambassador of Spring paint by numbers kit

As the flowers begin to bloom in the background, a tiny bird prepares to take on big adventures as spring comes. Capture the beauty of new beginnings and let this piece fill your home with hope. 

Cozy Winter

Evoke warm, fuzzy feelings of the winter past with Cozy Winter. Bright and blue against the stark white winter snow, a pair of birds cozy up to each other while watching the snow fall. 

Make this a part of your Yuletide home decor or make this a permanent piece to celebrate the season of giving all year round.

Each paint by numbers kit complete with your chosen design printed on your choice of canvas, complementary paint brushes, and acrylic paints, take home a piece of art and begin your PBN project today.

Have fun creating! 


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