Tips and Tweaks: How to Fix Paint Streaks

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Does streaky paint keep you from achieving your paint-by-numbers streak? Paint streaks and visible brush  strokes are some of the most common paint by both PBN beginners and advanced painters. 

While paint streaks are usually caused by faulty paint quality, here are some tips to keep your paint surfaces smooth like butter.

Prime your canvas with clear gesso.

Gesso is a paint mixture that gives your canvas more “tooth”. Tooth refers to the grain of your canvas, giving it better paint adhesion. The more tooth, the rougher the texture of your canvas is. 

Priming your canvas helps with paint adherence and absorption making it easier to spread your paint evenly. While Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit come in your choice of canvas(frame, rolled, and even wooden!) that can be painted straight from the box, feel free to prep your canvas with your preferred primer available at your favorite art supplies store. 

Improve paint performance. 

When it comes to paint flow and consistency, balance is key. Not too thin and not too thick, a balanced blend of paint gives your painting a smooth finish with colors that pop. 

Your complimentary acrylic paints are ready to use but can be adjusted as needed. Adding a few drops of flow aid into your paint water gives you better control over your paints, making it easier to spread without changing the paint opacity. Dip your brush into the paint water mix and adjust according to your desired paint texture. 

Choose the right paintbrush.

While paintbrushes may look the same from the outside, each brush comes in different materials and sizes-each serving a different purpose. Some basic brush tips include: round, flat, angle, and fan.

Using the right paintbrush for your PBN project gives you better coverage and less streaks. Use a flat brush for bigger paint areas and a painted round brush for smaller, more detailed paint areas.

Plan your paint process.

Working on a PBN painting is a great way to unwind while learning a skill or two, planning your paint process assures you of a stress-free painting session.

When it comes to achieving your desired paint opacity, it’s all about timing. Apply paint layers while your paint is still wet. Painting over dried paint leaves your paint surface clunky and streaky. Avoid paint streaks by starting with larger areas using uniform, downward brush strokes.

Don’t let the fear of paint streaks keep you from striking out! Try these tips out for yourself and have fun creating!


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