Color Me Curious: How Color Changes the Look and Feel of a Room

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Imagine a world without colors. No blue sky to bask under. No green grass to laze upon. No pink blooms to fawn over. The world in monochrome? Dull, lifeless, and boring. 

While colors of all shades, tints, and tones make sense in the world of art, some colors can evoke feelings of happiness or sadness and can even influence our decision-making process. Color psychology suggests how colors affect perception and behavior. The mere use of one color can make or break an impression. 

Take a look at the color wheel. A visual tool used to see which colors work well together and which ones don’t, the color wheel can also be divided into two groups of colors: passive and active. 

Passive colors

Passive colors, also known as receding or retreating colors, are colors that appear to recede or give way to more active colors. 

Passive colors include blues, greens, and purples. Known to evoke a sense of calm and serenity, using these colors in painting lend some distance or spaciousness as seen in mountains, seascapes, and landscapes. 

Blue can evoke a sense of calm or excitement, depending on how it is used. 

Purple can signify both abundance and loss. Light purples enlighten and inspire, while dark purples can evoke mystery and even grief.

Green represents growth and life. Often associated with nature and blooming, green perfectly represents the mixture of blue and yellow lending a fresh burst of energy into paintings.

Active colors

Active colors include reds, yellows, and oranges. Eye-catching and commanding attention, these colors evoke warmth and excitement when used in focal features of a painting. 


Red is a color paradox representing both life and danger. Red evokes power and draws your eyes towards a painting like no other color can.

Yellow represents positivity and is psychologically, the happiest color of all. Using the color yellow lends vibrance and warmth to your painting. 

Orange speaks of energy and enthusiasm. When paired with other active colors, it gives balance, while giving it contrast when paired with passive colors. 

Whatever color you choose for your home, Opalberry has the perfect paint by numbers design for you. Each design, a captured moment meant to last forever, play with colors and paint a world that’s hue-niquely yours! 

Have fun creating! 


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