Tips and Tweaks: Why You Need to Varnish Your Paintings

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Want your painting to last a lifetime? Banish vanishing vibrance with varnish! Keep your painting primed and protected from the elements by applying varnish on your finished painting.

Varnish protects your painting from fading and yellowing, keeping it looking as vibrant as when you painted it. Available in three finishes: gloss, satin, or matte, feel free to mix and match the finishes according to your preference. 

Dry your painting completely

Let your finished painting dry completely before applying varnish to avoid streaking. If applied on wet painting, the varnish and paint will mix together leaving your painting streaky with uneven paint application. Also make sure that your paint surface is free from dust particles to avoid lumps and air bubbles. 

Prepare Your Tools

Have separate cups for your paint water and varnish to avoid leaving behind dried paint bits that can affect your paint surface while varnishing. You can also use a different brush for applying varnish to keep your paint brushes soft and ready to use. 

Lay your painting on a flat surface

In a well-ventilated room, find a dedicated flat, leveled surface to lay your painting on while applying and drying the varnish. Having your painting in an upright position as on an easel will have your varnish dripping all over the place.

Allow the varnish to set and dry

Depending on which brand of varnish you use and on the size of your canvas, varnish takes a few minutes to a few hours to dry completely. A layer of varnish should be enough but if you wish to go for a second layer, let the first layer set first and apply the next layer in the same manner. 

Did you know that Opalberry framed PBN kits now come with varnish pots? Each kit, complete with complementary painting tool, elevates your painting experience while keeping your paintings protected with varnish. 

Have fun creating!

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