Art and Soul: Why Paint By Numbers is the Perfect Activity for the Elderly

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After years of hard work, our elderly loved ones prepare for the next phase in their lives: retirement. Faced with little to no work to do after years in the workforce, the elderly enjoy over seven hours of daily leisure time. 

During retirement, the elderly can finally make time for their favorite pastimes while exploring creative ways to stay physically and socially active. If you’re on the lookout for a new, fun hobby to take on, your friends at Opalberry have the activity just for you— paint by numbers!

Boosts and enhances overall mood

Research has shown that creating or even looking at art helps improve your overall mood. The sudden change in routine can cause stress for the elderly and the process of creating art increases endorphins and dopamine levels improving mental well-being.

Finetunes fine motor skills

As we grow older, our bodies need all the help it can get to keep it moving. Working on detailed paint by numbers helps strengthen and refine your motor skills. Painting by numbers supports wrist movements as you paint over your canvas.

Regularly working on PBN projects can help soothe those aching joints while helping improve overall posture, boosting the body’s overall balance. Eye-hand coordination is also supported as well as maintaining dexterity among the elderly.

Improves Social Skills

Aside from the physical and emotional benefits of working on PBN projects, gathering with your dearest friends is a great way to build and maintain friendships during retirement. 

Organizing regular painting sessions with your loved ones and exchanging life stories help fight off sadness and anxiety most elderly go through in this new phase in their lives. 

Develops new skills

A beginner at your age? We say YES! Starting a new hobby is a great way to learn new skills without the stress, allowing you to expand your knowledge while enjoying your leisure time. 

Engaging in a new activity helps the elderly find purpose as they dedicate their time and effort in unlocking new skills. 

Reduce stress

Navigating a new life phase at this age can trigger stress and anxiety for the elderly. While a much-needed retirement is a reward for all the years of hard work, most elderly find themselves lost and unable to find their purposes outside of work.

Working on a PBN project is a stress-free activity that encourages the elderly to create with just a few paint tools and a whole lot of creativity. Finishing a PBN painting also boosts their overall confidence as they prepare to take on the daily challenges retirement can bring. 

Give your loved ones the gift of new beginnings with Opalberry Paint by Numbers Kits. With so many different designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one for every mood and for every age. 

Have fun creating! 


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