Tips and Tweaks: What are Opaque Paints?

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Highly pigmented and able to cover most surfaces with ease, opaque paint is the go-to paint for beginners and experienced painters alike. A versatile paint that can be used on a variety of paint projects from painting furniture to paint by numbers, choosing the best opaque paint can be overwhelming.

With so many paint choices to choose from, how do you choose the best opaque paint for your paint project?

What are opaque paints?

Opaque paints are colors that do not allow light to pass through, offering the best coverage for the most surfaces. While highly reflective, opaque paint does a good job in covering and hiding what’s under them, making it a top choice for cover-ups or repainting projects.

How do I choose which opaque paint to use?

When choosing the best opaque paint for your project, it is best to consider the paint surface and purpose since some opaque paints are designed to be used on specific surfaces. You may also want to check the paint finish as opaque paints come in glossy or matte finish.

Paint surface

For best results, do consider the paint surface before purchasing your paints. Is it made of metal? Is it concrete? Some opaque paints are created specifically for metal or wood surfaces so make sure to pick the right paint for your paint surface.

Paint purpose

Will you be using the paints for exterior or interior purposes? To make your paint’s vibrancy last longer, do consult with a paint expert on which paint best suits your painting needs. 

While most opaque paints offer vibrancy upon application, extended exposure to different weather conditions may dull your paint’s appearance. Depending on the color and weather exposure, paint application may be needed to maintain its vibrancy

Paint finish

Paint finish is also another factor to consider in choosing the right paint for your paint project. How glossy or how matte your paint is affects the overall opacity of your paint.

Matte  Glossy
Gives a textured finish  Gives a smooth, seamless finish
Color stays true regardless of light Has a sheen, glossy finish
More economical for big spaces  More durable in the long run

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Have fun creating!


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