Art And Soul: Colors That Heal and Promote Creativity

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Affecting our lives in more ways than one, colors have the power to change our mood and general disposition. Golden rays of the sun? Instant mood lifter. Bright red light? A warning. Waves of ocean blue? A sense of calm.

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate color and some good vibes into your life, we have compiled a list of colors just for hue!

Power and Stimulation: Red

Commanding attention as the most stimulating color, red is often associated with both power and danger. Increasing visibility as it stands out from the crowd, red is frequently used in marketing as seen in several brands. 

In the health sector, red also stimulates appetite and causes an increase in vigor and blood pressure. 

When decorating your home, red evokes stimulation, energy, and a warm welcome. Give your living room or your kitchen red accents through an Opalberry Paint By Numbers Kit to warmly invite people and good energy into your home. 

Creativity and Enthusiasm: Orange

Inspiring creativity and enthusiasm, orange is a happy color that invigorates the senses. More subtle and easier on the eyes than the color red, orange is a highly stimulating but friendlier color. 

Get your creative juices flowing by painting an accent well orange or by decorating your wall with any of these Opalberry PBN designs:

Lush and Abundance: Green 

The color of life and tranquility, green captures the refreshing feel of a walk outdoors among a lush forest. Breeding a sense of familiarity, most public spaces often feature green for a sense of relaxation.

Here are some select Opalberry PBN designs to bring the great outdoors inside: 

Calm and Serenity: Blue 

Associated with open spaces as seen in the skies and the seas, the color blue has been found to help the body produce dopamine—a neurotransmitter that supports memory and movement. The color blue soothes and calms the busy mind, assisting in focus and concentration.

Evoke a sense of peace and calm in any space with these Opalberry pieces:

Make everyday the best day by creating and filling your space with Opalberry PBN pieces. With a variety of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one for your every mood.


Have fun creating!


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