Tips and Tweaks: How To Paint Using White Acrylic Paint

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A versatile color every painter should have in their paint kit is the color white. The lightest color free of any hues, white can add dimensions to your painting and produces a clean, crisp look when used alone. 

While the color white creates a variety of visual effects when used in paintings, mastering the art of using this color takes a bit of trial and error. Here are some tips to use white the right way.

Explore different kinds of white paint.

To get a feel of the color white, it is best to use it on its own to see how to incorporate it in your paintings. Here are some paint variations to help you get started:

White Acrylic Paint

  • readily available in your favorite art supply stores
  • opacity allows underlying colors to show through
  • dries quickly giving you less time to work on your paint area

White Oil Paint

  • more expensive than acrylic paint
  • opacity covers up underlying colors more effectively 
  •  takes longer time to dry giving you more time to work on your paint area

White Gouache Paint

  • more expensive than acrylic and watercolor paint
  • opacity covers up underlying colors more effectively
  • like watercolor paint, can be re-wetted and dries to a matte finish

White Watercolor Paint

  • more accessible and more affordable
  • opacity shows underlying colors to show through
  • dries quickly, but can be reactivated with a wet brush

Experiment with textures and techniques using white paint.

While the color white can be a little tricky to use, playing around with paint textures and techniques will help you discover which ones work best with your painting. You may also want to explore different paint finishes to give your painting your desired effect.

Paint using white paint.

After choosing which white paint to use on your painting, now you’re ready to get a painting!

For a clean, serene piece, try painting a canvas with just the color white. A stark white painting creates negative space and makes a great conversation piece to any space. Experiment using different painting techniques for a layered, dynamic piece.

For a classic piece that transcends through time, go for a black and white painting. A literal contrast between black and white, what black and white pieces lack in color, it makes up for with intensity and emotion. 

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Have fun creating! 


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