Top Paint-By-Numbers Kits To Decorate Your Wall Space

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Looking for a way to upgrade your space without breaking the bank? Paint By Numbers kits make the perfect wall art to adorn any space with. From modern minimalist to villa vibes, Opalberry has the piece just for you. 

Contemporary Chic

Your classic style elevated, contemporary chic features elements of glam and sophistication mixed with classic pieces. Think brass finished mixed with neutral balance in an otherwise understated space. 

Yellow Gerbera Blooms (in black or teal)

Gerbera Blooms in Teal Background
Gerbera Blooms in Black Background

Its colors warm and inviting, this incredibly detailed piece adds coziness to your space. In black or teal background, see how a tweak in the background color changes the overall feel of the design.

Jennifer Lommer’s Contemplating Pearls

The cunning, sly fox softened by a string of blooms, this piece is contemporary chic in a painting, classy and never boring, the fox’s golden hair peeking through the cool, lush botanicals makes for a perfect statement art.

Cozy Chalet

Escape to snow covered mountains right in the comforts of your cozy chalet. The Cozy chalet is elegant yet comforting, its rustic interiors whisking you away to that ski trip in the Swiss Alps. Make everyday a vacation by collecting statement pieces that bring the outdoors in.

Steve Henderson's Sailing on the Sound 

Steve Henderson's Sailing on the Sound 

Take in the silent calm of a day spent by the lake as the day turns to night.Collect your thoughts and watch them sail away like the sailboat this piece features.

Shane Lamb’s Sunset Symphony

Shane Lamb’s Sunset Symphony

Let nature take over while landing a touch of sophistication to your cozy chalet with this piece. Grace your space with this piece featuring the majestic swan going for a refreshing sunset swim.

Humble Home

The humble home interior is proof that there is truly beauty in simplicity. Transcending beyond time and trends, the humble home is a classic among interior design styles. Make your house a home with structured pieces rich in texture and accessories. 

Golden Moment

An unlikely trio sharing a golden moment, this piece is a contrast between warm and cool tones, adding character to any space and a smile to your face.

Summer Reading By Jhenna Quinn Lewis

Summer Reading By Jhenna Quinn Lewis

Let a fully booked summer take you places when you have to stay where you are. The yellow canaries add a playful touch to this classic piece.

Modern Minimalist

Clean and monochromatic, less is more when it comes to the modern minimalist home. Thriving in simplicity, the modern minimalist home is devoid of striking pieces but prides in its form and structure.

Purple Peonies

Purple Peonies

The lush greens a perfect background to the peonies’ jewel tones, this play on contrast and colors adds a touch of understated  luxury to a minimalist home.

Kelly McNeil’s Golden Retriever 

Kelly McNeil’s Golden Retriever 

Man’s best friend becomes the best accent piece in a modern minimalist home.  Its colors subdued, this piece breathes life into an otherwise blank, white wall.

Villa Vibes 

Make your dream vacation in the tropics a reality by turning your home into a summer villa. Grounded in nature surrounded by lush foliage and wild flowers, this interior design style makes use of natural elements such as wood and bamboo. 

Clematis Beauty

Clematis Beauty

Plant these blooming botanicals on your villa’s wall for flowers that last forever. Fill your home with the best nature has to offer with this plush piece.

Natalia Chaika’s Tropical Leaves

Natalia Chaika’s Tropical Leaves

Your great adventure begins in the comfort of your home with this piece. Featuring wild foliage in lush hues, a tropical vacation awaits with every peek. 

There is a piece for every space as you turn your wonderwall into a wanderwall with Opalberry. Opalberry is honored to partner with amazing artists compensated in accordance with the intellectual Property code.

Have fun creating and decorating!


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