Art and Soul: Dealing With Grief Through Paint by Numbers

Your Friends at Opalberry 2022 Art and Soul art therapy

Do the days seem to go by without meaning? You are not alone. With the many life-changing events taking place in the last few months, no wonder people go through bouts of loss and loneliness now more than ever. 

If you’re looking for a way to manage your emotions through a creative pursuit, you may want to look into art therapy. Art therapy seeks to improve one’s overall wellness through the process of creating art. 

Express yourself

What better way to express yourself but through art? The process of creating art invites you to take a deeper look into your thoughts and feelings. People who struggle with putting to words their feelings can benefit from creating art as the art process allows them to express pent-up emotions. 

Not sure what to paint? Opalberry offers a variety of designs from scenic views to everyday moments made magical. Check out these new designs to adorn your spaces with. 

Take it slow

Practice mindfulness and put your mind and soul at ease while creating art. Focus on your brush strokes and be more intentional with the paint process. Take as many hours as needed to finish your painting. Remember the release is the reward. 

Elevate your painting experience while enjoying the great outdoors. Here we have compiled the perfect easel for your every need. 

Celebrate your wins

Make each little moment count and celebrate your wins, no matter how small. Finishing a PBN project is no easy feat and is a good enough reason to celebrate. 

Fill your space with lovingly created pieces to remind you of the good life. Here are some top tips to get you started on that framing project. 

Opalberry is with you in your journey of healing and recovery. Learn more about art therapy and how you can include this in your program by reaching out to your medical provider for more information.


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