Tips & Tweaks: How to Mount Your Canvas Using Tape

Your Friends at Opalberry 2022 paint by numbers paint by numbers for adults pbn rolled rolled canvas

Want to keep your canvas smooth and wrinkle-free? No need to shell out if you want to stretch it out, tape is all it takes! 

Create crisp lines while keeping your paint from bleeding into the edges with painter’s tape. The painter’s tape is also easier to peel off, without damaging your canvas. Available at your favorite art supplies store, did you know that you can also use your painter’s tape to keep your canvas smooth and ready to paint on? 

While Opalberry rolled canvas PBN kits are carefully rolled and ready to paint on straight from the box, it wouldn’t hurt to clear a wrinkle or two. Read below for some tips and tweaks to get you started: 

  1. Spread your canvas on a flat, even surface. With your fingers, smoothen out any fold or wrinkle to help stretch out your canvas. 
  2. Take your painter’s tape, tape the edges of your canvas starting from the top, smoothing out any air bubbles, before taping the bottom part of your canvas.
  3. Finish off by taping the sides and corners of your canvas. Check for any air bubbles before taping. You may leave the tape on overnight to help the canvas keep its shape. 
  4. Maximize the painting surface by taping along the outline of your design. Doing this helps frame your design while keeping the paint edges clean. 
  5. After peeling off the tape, you may proceed to applying clear gesso to give your canvas more ‘tooth.

While it’s best to tape mount your canvas before painting, you can also do this after painting. Keep your canvas smear-free by leaving it to dry overnight before mounting with tape. 

Try these tips out for your rolled kits or you can also buy Opalberry’s premium framed paint-by-numbers kits for a more hassle-free painting experience.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tips and tweaks. Have fun creating!


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