New Breathtaking Opalberry PBN Kits for Your Art Stash

Your Friends at Opalberry 2022 new designs

Get ready for some mid-year cheer as Opalberry shares new PBN kit designs especially curated just for you! From everyday wonders to scenes that inspire wanderlust, take your pick as we round up the latest designs from Opalberry

Natalia Chaika’s Tropical Leaves

Enjoy the lush tropics in the comforts of your home with Tropical Leaves. Featuring wild foliage in shades of yellow, green, and blue, get lost in this piece and seek your next great adventure with every peek. 

Nataliia Zhekova’s Santorini

Prepare to be whisked away to where the sky meets the sea in breathtaking Santorini. An island dotted with multi-colored homes sitting atop a cliff, this piece makes for a spectacular view to adorn any space with. 

Mark Kelso’s Fascination

Capturing the innocence of a young cub caught in a moment with a butterfly fluttering by, Fascination invites you to take it slow and take in the everyday magic nature has to offer. 

Add a touch of playfulness to your nursery with this piece. 

Shane Lamb’s Sunset Symphony

Basking in the golden hues as the sun sets, Sunset Symphony features the majestic swan gracefully bidding the day adieu while enjoying a sunset swim. 

Grace your living space with this piece of elegance. 

Jim Daly’s Just a Cowboy Buckaroo

A playful encounter between a little cowboy in training and his puppy in a game of tug of water, Just a Cowboy Buckaroo lends a touch of playfulness to any space, reminding you to take delight in the little things. 

Jim Daly’s In The Dog House

A tender moment forever captured, In the Dog House features the bond between a young boy and his beloved pup enjoying a quiet moment together. 

A gentle moment in warm, cozy hues, this makes the perfect piece for your bedroom or foyer. 

Jennifer Lommer’s Contemplating Pearls

The cunning, sly fox softened by a string of flowers in full bloom, Contemplating Pearls is a piece like no other. The fox’s golden hair, a stark contrast from the cool, lush botanicals, adds a touch of sophistication to your study or office.

Summer Reading by Jhenna Quinn Lewis

A fully booked summer awaits with Summer Reading. With yellow canaries comfortably perched on a stack of books illuminated by the warm glow of the candle light, let these pages take you to places without leaving where you are.

Inspire focus and concentration and display this piece in your study or home library. 

Kelly McNeil’s Golden Retriever

Oh, to be a pup enjoying a refreshing summer swim! The warm, fluffy fur of this good boy and a pop of color from the cool blues, let this piece add warmth to your space. 

Watch your space come alive and make a space uniquely yours with Opalberry. Take your pick and shop our new collection here

Have fun creating! 

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