Tips and Tweaks: Wet Mounting Your Canvas

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Congratulations on finishing your paint by numbers project! Induct your painting in the hall of frame (pun intended!) and invest in a proper frame. 

While your favorite frame store offers framing services, save yourself the hassle and the money and do it yourself. We’ve rounded out some tips and tweaks to help you mount your canvas at home. 

Prepare your materials

You’d be surprised to know that you probably already have the materials to mount your canvas. Here are the tools you need: 


While your regular glue works just fine, most glue contains acids that may break down in the long run and affect paint quality. Think long-term and invest in a neutral PH, acid-free adhesive to keep your canvas primed and protected. 


Boards offer your painting a sturdy backing and help keep your canvas’ form. With a variety of boards to choose from, from foam boards to archival corrugated boards, go for an acid-free one to help your painting last for a long time. 


No need to spend on canvas weights, take a stack of books to weigh down your canvas and keep it flat while mounting. 

Mark your canvas’ edges

Clean your board’s surface and place it on top of your canvas. Leave some space between the edge of your canvas and board then use a pencil to mark the edges. 

Spread the adhesive on your canvas 

Take a rubber and spread the adhesive on your canvas. Spread the adhesive from edge to edge. Go over the canvas to smooth out any lump. 

Mount the canvas

Follow marked edges and carefully place your canvas on top of the board. Put a paper towel on top of the canvas and with your hands, smooth over the surface to remove air bubbles. 

Weigh down your canvas

With the paper towel still on top of your canvas, take a stack of books and place them over the canvas to keep it weighed down. Leave the weights on overnight to secure the canvas on the board. 

Remove excess edges from your canvas

Take out the weights from the canvas and with a sharp tool, carefully remove the canvas’ excess edges. You may also fold the excess edges towards the back of the canvas and secure it with a neutral PH adhesive.

May your next Opalberry PBN painting bring you some frame and fortune! Have fun creating!

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