Color Me Curious: Seamless Painting Using Easels

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Thinking of starting on that paint by number project over the weekend? Make your painting stand out by investing in an easel stand! Providing an upright support for your paintings, easels can also be used to display your finished painting. 

Did you know that easels come in different types and sizes? Your search for the perfect easel ends here. Here are some easels to help you get started on your painting. 

A-frame Easel

Also known as Lyre easel, A-frame easel is a three-legged, triangular shaped frame that resembles the letter A. Ideal for painters with limited storage space, the A-frame easels rear leg can be pushed forward, flattening the easel for easy storage.

While the A-frame easel can hold canvases as large as 75’’, this easel is best used for small to medium-sized canvases. 

H-frame Easel

Shaped like the letter H, the H-frame easel is the A-frame’s sturdier, more stable counterpart. Unlike the A-frame, the H-frame easel isn’t as easy to fold and store, making it ideal for painters with a dedicated studio space. 

If you’re working on a bigger canvas measuring up to 96’’, consider getting an H-frame easel for your space. 

Portable Easel

Also known as plein air easel, the portable easel is designed with the outdoor painter in mind. Meant to withstand the outdoor elements, the portable easel is made from wood or aluminum and comes with tripod legs.

Easy to assemble and easy to carry, this lightweight easel can hold canvases measuring up to 78’’.

Convertible Easel

If you want more bang for your buck, consider investing in a convertible easel. Also known as a hybrid easel, this regular easel can be converted into a tabletop - making it perfect for multimedia artists. Working with acrylic or oil paints? Use upright as you would a regular easel. Moving on to a watercolor or pastel piece? Fold and prop on a table and you have a table top easel. 

Tabletop Easel

Working on a smaller piece? The tabletop easel is perfect for you. Small enough to place on a table top, the tabletop easel does not take up a lot of space and can be stored with ease.

The tabletop easel comes in A-frame, H-frame, and single mast designs, with some even featuring a small drawer for your art tools. Perfect for canvases measuring up to 32’’ tall.

Oversize Easel

Designed for artists working on a large-scale project, the oversize or giant easel provides additional support for canvases measuring up to 120’’ tall. 

Bulk and heavy, oversized easels are a chore to transport and are recommended for large-scale painters with a dedicated studio space for long-term storage.

Single Mast Easel

A beginner painter? Make the single mast easel a part of your painter starter pack. While providing less support as the A-frame or H-frame easels, the single mast easel is perfect for beginners or painters on a budget.

Holding canvases measuring up to 72’’ tall, the single mast easel is a space-saver that gets the job done. 

Bench Easel

Get an easel and a bench in one with a bench easel. Collapsible making it easy to transport, the bench easel is recommended for painting demos and outdoor painters. 

Enjoy a scenic painting session in the outdoors while sitting comfortably on your bench easel. Holds canvas measuring up to 24’’ tall.

Whatever easel you choose, easl-y (wink, wink!) create the perfect painting pairing with Opalberry paint by numbers kit. Have fun creating!

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