Tips and Tweaks: Can I Iron My Canvas?

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So, you’ve finally received your PBN kit and found some creases on your canvas– fret not, we can iron it out! 

Below are some tips and tweaks to get rid of those pesky creases on your PBN canvas using your trusty iron: 

Unfold your canvas to check areas with creases

For easier shipping and logistics concerns, most canvases are either folded or rolled. While convenient, doing this can leave creases on your canvas. To check your canvas for any creases, unfold and check which areas need ironing. 

Check your iron settings

Before ironing your canvas, check your iron settings. Recommended setting is high temperature, low steam, but feel free to start with a low temperature and adjust as needed. 

Start with the back of the canvas

Lay your canvas on a flat surface and flip over to the side without print. Iron over a small area first and check for any damages to the printed side before ironing over the whole canvas. The heat of the iron may cause the print to melt so make sure to check before and after ironing. 

Spray water over your canvas to speed up ironing

Fill a spray bottle with water and spray sparingly over your canvas. Start with a small area and iron over, checking for any damages. Another option is to place a damp, clean cloth under your canvas while ironing. Doing this gives the same effect as spraying water without direct contact to your canvas. 

Let your canvas dry

For best results, make sure that your canvas is completely dry before painting. Set your canvas on a clean, flat surface. You may use tape on the sides to fully stretch it out. Read more about stretching tips and tweaks here.

Keep your canvas crease-free and your painting experience stress-free by choosing Opalberry rolled canvas paint by numbers kits. Our thick, linen-based canvas is carefully rolled so you can paint straight from the box. We also have our framed kits which are premium canvas already mounted on wood to give you an easy and fun paint by numbers experience.  

With an array of designs to choose from, find your perfect piece and have fun creating! 

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