Can Painting-by-Numbers Teach You How To Paint?

Fiona Clemente

Do you remember being 5 years old, spending hours upon hours going over your coloring book until you’ve colored all the pages? How much fun you had coloring and how it helped you perfect your coloring skills? Reminisce the good old days with your own paint-by-numbers kit

The coloring book for adults, paint-by-numbers kit, is a fun way to release stress while also developing your art skills. Arguably, people who have been hooked with paint-by-numbers for a long time will all agree that painting-by-numbers helped them develop, practice, and eventually learn how to paint later on, even without the numbers guide.

Paint-by-Numbers Develop Skills for Beginners

What makes PBN so appealing is how literally anyone, young and old, can do it! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced painter, you’re sure to pick up a skill or two while working on your PBN project.

Just like coloring books, PBN kits make it easy for you to work on a design section by section. Painting-by-numbers also helps you learn basic art concepts and see which colors go together, how light and shadows give your paintings depth, and how simple brush strokes can create texture. 

Each area numbered for easy painting, the corresponding colors help you paint and blend the colors with ease. With a variety of designs to choose from, you can choose a design that matches your interests and skill set. 

Aside from developing your art skills. Working on a PBN painting trains your focus with its slow, methodical paint process--helping you unwind and relax. 

Paint-by-Numbers is Good for Your Overall Wellness

We have heard time and time again how art can be good for your heart and soul. Finishing a PBN painting releases happy hormones and gives you a boost of confidence. It also helps give you the courage to create your own art. Staring at a blank canvas can be daunting, but with time and practice, you can take on your painting project and finish with flying colors (pun intended)!

Painting-by-numbers also help develop and refine your motor skills. As we grow older, our bodies may need some extra push to keep it moving. Painting-by-numbers encourages you to move your wrists and fingers as you control the brush strokes on your canvas. 

With Opalberry Paint-by-Numbers kits, learn basic art concepts in a foolproof way as you calm your mind and soothe your soul while filling your home with art created by you - for you. Have fun creating! 

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  • Joan Fulsaas on

    I have been painting with acrylics for the past 2 years off and on. I am excited to get my first pbn from this company. A friend of mine that has never painted before is going to join me on this new journey. Thank you so much.

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