Picture Perfect: Seeing The World Through Steve Henderson’s Eyes

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Capture beauty in the middle of life's mundane realities by discovering the artistry of emotional realist, Steve Henderson. Welcome the year with us as we premiere new designs by Steve for Opalberry's premium paint-by-numbers kits.

Steve is on a never-ending quest to celebrate the beauty of everyday life through fine art.

After a successful career in commercial illustration, Steve turned his attention to fine art. Like many artists, he began by entering shows, garnering awards and accolades at regional, national, and international exhibitions. An ordinary person, Steve did not enjoy the fruits of influential connections, but worked his way to public attention by hard work at both the easel and down-to-earth marketing. He connects with real, everyday people because his art evokes light, life, hope, joy, goodness, and beauty.

Each paint stroke invites you to see the world through Steve's eyes. He reminds us that, despite all the chaos happening in the world today, this is still the place we call home. Let us enjoy its beauty, and add to it.

You, too, can celebrate the world's light and life as we have curated some of Steve's best works through Opalberry's Paint-by-Numbers kits. Each design invites you to take a step into the world of art and seek adventure from the comforts of your very own little nook.

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