Art and Soul: Why Paint By Numbers Make the Perfect Hobby for Adults

Fiona Clemente

Think painting by numbers is just for kids? Think again! Perfect for kids and kids at heart, paint by numbers, literally, makes painting as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

With kits that come with incredibly detailed designs printed on your choice of canvas, find out why you should make painting by numbers your new go-to hobby. 

Painting By Numbers Keeps The Stress Away

Ever had a long day at work, wishing you can just skip to a day of relaxation instead? You can do just that and more with your very own vacation-in-a-box with OpalBerry Paint By Numbers kit!

Each kit is complete with an intricately-detailed design printed on your choice of canvas (rolled, framed, and even a paint-on-wood option!), set of vibrant acrylic paints, and 3 wooden-handled paint brushes, paint your worries away and let OpalBerry take care of the rest.

With absolutely no painting experience necessary, this is perfect for beginners and more experienced painters alike, painting by numbers helps you unwind and relax in the comforts of your own home. 

Painting by Numbers Gives You a Creative Outlet

Studies show that creating and even simply looking at art calms your raging mind like no other. Keep your hands busy while keeping your mind relaxed as you work on your paint by numbers project.

Painting by numbers helps you de-stress by channeling your thoughts and feelings into your artwork.It also improves focus and quiets your anxious mind as you paint your stress and worries away. 

Did you know that your mood affects your choice of colors and even the strokes off your brush? Express yourself and get started on that paint by numbers project!

Painting by Numbers Improves Your Motor Skills

Perfect for all ages, painting by numbers trains your attention to detail as you paint over your canvas. 

Aside from the calming and soothing effect painting by numbers bring you, regularly working on delicately detailed design helps fine-tune your motor skills. Our aging bodies need more TLC than usual as we start to lose complete muscle control. Painting by numbers can help you exercise those aching joints, just remember to take breaks in between.

Painting by Numbers is Perfect For All Ages

The best thing about painting by numbers is anyone, and we mean anyone, can do it! Whether you’re a budding artist trying out a new hobby or an experienced painter looking to improve your painting skills, there is a paint by numbers kit for you. 

With designs that appeal to people of all ages, OpalBerry Paint By Numbers kits combine comfort and convenience in one nifty, beautifully designed box. Take this along with you at work for a quick, painting sesh during your lunch break or unwind at the park with your PBN kit in tow.

Your search for a new hobby ends here. If you’re looking for a different kind of rush with just a stroke of a brush, get your hands on your very own paint by number kit with OpalBerry.

Have fun creating!

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