Art and Soul: Coping With Depression Through Art

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If you’ve ever had unexplainable bouts of sadness and have lost interest in things you once enjoyed, you are not alone. One of the most common and serious mental health issues today, depression, negatively affects how you think, feel, and act. 

While often treated with traditional methods such as professional therapy and prescribed medications, another alternative for those seeking treatment for depression is art therapy. Art therapy gives you the creative tool to work through your emotional and physical pain while addressing worries and fears often overlooked as you go through life. The process of creating art encourages people to slow down and explore deep-rooted emotions while expressing themselves in a healthy manner. 

Below are some benefits that you may experience by participating in art therapy:

Evoke a sense of calm and peace. 

Creating art allows you to slow down, promoting a sense of calm. Taking it slow helps you to process feelings and emotions you wouldn’t otherwise do when in a busy, stressful environment. 

Encourage self-discovery.

The process of creating art encourages you to acknowledge pent-up feelings which can then lead to addressing these issues, beginning the path towards recovery. 

Reduce anxiety and improve overall mood. 

People who experience depression have also reported feeling anxious and lost. Creating art allows you to unwind and relax, eventually helping you manage your anxiety and improve your overall mood. 

For simple and inexpensive art activities to do at home, check out Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit. With a wide array of designs to choose from, the process of taking the time to sit down and paint can help you let your creative juices and emotions flow. 

Opalberry is with you in your journey of healing and recovery. Learn more about art therapy and how you can include this in your program by reaching out to your medical provider for more information. 

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