Gift Guide: Why Paint By Numbers Kits Make Great Gifts

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The most thoughtful gesture we can do to show our love and appreciation for the most important people in our lives, take gift-giving to the next level by giving your loved ones a personalized gift.

Personalized gifts show how well you know each other and perfectly capture the kind of relationship you share with the recipient. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect personalized gift, treat your sweets to the gift of art and surprise them with their very own paint by numbers kit. 

Choose a design.

Keep it sweet and simple by choosing a pre-made design you have picked for your loved one. Opalberry paint by number kits come in an assortment of designs, from scenic views to the captured magic of every day. 

Capture a special memory.

Forever cherish a special moment shared together with your loved one by choosing a PBN design that reminds you of your time together. Spent a summer day lounging by the beach? Our Ocean Breeze paint-by-numbers kit waves hello. Cozied up in a lakeside cabin? Let our Hallstatt Lakeshore Landscape PBN kit take you there once more.

Pen a special note for your loved one and tell them of how you wish to forever keep a special memory of you together through your chosen design. 

Feature their favorite hues.

Take it up a notch by choosing a PBN design featuring your loved one’s favorite colors. Paint by numbers kit with their favorite colors shows how much you know your loved one and makes gift-giving more special. Choose a design that matches their home for a piece that doubles as decor.

Make everyday moments special with Opalberry paint by numbers kit. Have fun gifting and creating!

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