The Science of Art: Why Making Art is Good for You

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Science has spoken: making art is good for you. Studies have shown that the benefits of art go beyond aesthetics and are proven to improve overall wellness. 

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly hobby, paint by numbers is the perfect activity for you. 

Paint By Numbers Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety


No need to spend thousands to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. Enjoy some quiet time in the comforts of your home with your paint by numbers kit. Painting helps quiet your anxious mind as you take it slow and unwind after a long day. 

Paint By Numbers Help Improve Your Focus

Working on delicately detailed designs help train your attention to detail while also improving your overall focus. The slow act of painting encourages you to keep your emotion in check, letting you focus on the tasks at hand. 

Paint By Numbers Help Refine Your Skills


 A natural occurrence as we age, your motor skills might be needing some extra push. Painting by number helps you finetune your motor skills as you work on a project. As you regularly work on your painting projects, you may find your eye-hand coordination slowly improving and your fine motor skills back to its tip top shape. 

Paint by Numbers Help You Regulate and Manage Your Emotions


Got the blues? Turn those blues into art by working on a paint by numbers project. Studies have shown that creating and even looking at visual art enhances the brain’s ability to make connections, helping you better manage your emotions. 

Experience the science of art and start your painting adventures today with an Opalberry Premium Paint By Numbers kit

Have fun creating! 

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