Art and Soul: Is Painting By Numbers Good For The Brain?

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As the world navigates the changes the pandemic has brought about, cases of high anxiety and stress levels have been reported worldwide. Adjusting to the new normal is no easy feat as offices and schools shirt to a hybrid setup. 

Take it slow and ease into your routine by taking up a new hobby without leaving the safety and comforts of your home, wherever it may be. Brush up on your painting skills as you welcome new beginnings with paint by numbers

Painting by numbers help regulate your stress and anxiety levels

Create your own calm tacked in your cozy corner with the company of your paint by numbers kit. Research shows that creating art helps calm your nerves, lowering your stress and anxiety levels. Think of it as a meditation activity that encourages you to take it slow and give  your busy brain a break. 

Painting by numbers trains your focus & attention

With all the distractions around us,no wonder people find it challenging to sit still and just be. Consistently working on a paint by numbers project helps train your focus and attention as it simulates your brain. The painting process builds your attention span as you go over the numbered blocks on your canvas. 

Painting by numbers fine-tunes skills

More than the sense of calm painting brings, engaging in art activities also stimulates brain activity while fine-tuning your skills. Working on intricately detailed pieces improves your attention to detail while developing basic art skills. 

Painting by numbers fosters healthy coping mechanisms

Ever find yourself doom scrolling to pass time? You are not alone. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone for hours, why not use this time to create art? Great for painters of all ages and skill levels, painting by numbers is a fun way to spend your downtime after a long, busy day. 

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Have fun creating! 


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