Tips and Tweaks: Showcasing Your Paint By Numbers Painting Online

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Recent developments in technology have made sharing your personal art as easy as one, two, three! Reach out to a wider audience and inspire others in their art journey by joining the growing online art community. 

Below are some paint by number tips and tweaks to help you get started on your online art exhibit.

Choose Your Platform

With tons of platforms to choose from, pick the one that you are most comfortable with. Want to showcase your projects using photography? Choose a platform that will allow you to upload and to edit photos of your paintings like Canva or Lightroom. 

Want to give video editing a go? Check out this article for some tips on how to shoot a timelapse video of your paint process. 

Take Photos of Your Paint by Numbers Project

Capture the intricate details of your painting by taking quality photos. While studio lighting best captures the details of your work, natural lighting will give you the same effect without the additional cost. Find a well-lit spot at home and snap away as you take photos from different angles - giving viewers an in-depth look into your painting. 

For better photo quality, you may opt to tweak the photos using a photo editing app or software available online. 

Create a Timelapse Video of Your Painting Process

A timelapse video is a great way to showcase your artwork while highlighting the highs and lows of completing your painting. The sped-up video can also be a fun and effective way for painting Shoot beginners to learn about your painting process. 

Find a well-lit room to shoot in for best results. You may choose to lay your canvas flat on a table or prop it on an easel for a different angle. Manually shoot your timelapse video with a camera or make good use of apps available online. 

Let one of our lovely customers inspire you with his timelapse video of his completed Opalberry Paint by Number kit The Piraate Ship in wooden canvas. 

Share Your Creative Process by Shooting a Video

Ever find yourself binge-watching video tutorials online? Join the club and create your own! Video tutorials best showcase your art while also allowing you to share your painting process and progress. Watch Dorothy’s video below as she talks about her creative journey with her OpalBerry Paint by Numbers painting:


Creating and starting in your own video tutorial gives you a confidence boost while also helping fellow artists in their creative process. Feel free to add background music and graphics for a fun video that will surely keep your viewers coming back for more!

What are you waiting for? Shoot your shot and share your amazing works of art online! And when you do, don’t forget to tag us on Facebookon Instagram, and on our Facebook community - we’ll be waiting!

You can also join 

Have fun creating and shooting!

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