Behind the Tints: Is Paint By Numbers Cheating?

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Making painting literally as easy as 1, 2, 3, it’s no surprise paint by numbers is so popular among kids and kids at heart. Aside from having a relaxing time while working on your masterpiece, paint by numbers also teaches you a thing or two about art.   

While most PBN enthusiasts rave about the benefits of paint by numbers, a question is begging to be asked: is paint by numbers cheating?

Oversimplified art process

Enjoying popularity since its launch in the 50s, art critics have commented on how paint by numbers make the art process too simple and may lead to undervaluing the hard work that goes behind painting.

Painting by numbers is simple, making it less intimidating to take on, especially for beginners. While the process behind paint by numbers is definitely much simpler than working on an original piece, PBN makes art accessible to more people, regardless of age and skills. 

Undervaluing artists’ hard work

Another point raised by critics is how painting by numbers makes everyone an artist. But isn’t that the point of art? Art is defined as the expression of human emotions and imagination through painting, music, and dancing. If painting by numbers can help someone express their feelings, then painting by numbers is art.

In recent years, PBN manufacturers and select artists have even collaborated and released original art pieces in PBN form available for everyone to try. Opalberry has collaborated with artist extraordinaire, Steve Henderson, releasing limited edition pieces that depict life in the most picturesque way possible. Check out the picture-perfect pieces here. 

So is paint by numbers cheating? The answer is no. As long as your finished masterpiece is for your personal enjoyment and not to be entered in a competition as an original piece, then go ahead and get started on that paint by numbers project.

Have fun creating!             

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