6 Mistakes to Avoid When Working on your Paint-By-Numbers Masterpiece

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Like you, we are looking forward to the coming year-- a fresh start. 

This year, we take it slow as we spend time in the safety and comforts of our own homes. Whether you can give Picasso a run for his money or your experience with painting is next to nothing, there's no better way to de-stress than clearing your mind and letting creativity flow freely through art. 

For bearing through this crazy year, you deserve a treat! Why not give yourself the gift of art this holiday season with an Opalberry Paint by Numbers kit

Carve out some quiet time amidst the holiday buzz as you create masterpieces as easy as counting 1-2-3! But before you get started, here are some mistakes to avoid when working on your PBN projects: 

Ignoring your comfort

Paint-by-Numbers is a fun and challenging activity. You may be so indulged and engrossed with your masterpiece for hours that you forget your comfort. So, before you start, choose a well-lit and comfortable working area where you can get cozy for hours. Your space should be large enough to have space for all your tools and allow rotating of your canvas when necessary.  

Also, it is important to take a break every hour or so. Whenever you feel your eyes strained and your body sore, see it as an opportunity to take a breather and appreciate your progress rather than a source of frustration. Taking breaks is not only good for your eyes and your body, but also for the quality of your finished painting. 

Losing your reference sheet 

Your Opalberry PBN kits include a reference picture -- make sure you don’t lose it. By doing this, you have a permanent reference of your design just in case you need a do-over or you need to remember what color . We also included a handy-dandy magnifying glass in our kits for a stress-free painting experience! 

Starting from the bottom of the canvas

Starting from the bottom of your canvas would have your hands smudge the paint already on the canvas. To avoid this, start painting from the top so that your hands won’t touch the wet paint as you work on the lower parts of your masterpiece. 

You can also rotate your canvas to find the best angle for your brush strokes and to also avoid resting your hand on fresh paint. 


Leaving your paint lids open


Acrylic paints dry very quickly when the lids are left open so make sure to keep your paint jars closed when they’re not in use. If your paints become too thick, a simple solution is to add a few drops of water into the paint and mix it thoroughly with a toothpick.

Not having paper towels and a cup of water handy

Before every painting session, make sure to have a roll of paper towel and a cup of water within your reach. Right after using one color, wipe your brushes clean with a paper towel, just dip them in a glass of water and dry completely with a paper towel once again. 

When done for the day, rinse your brushes thoroughly and let the brushes rest horizontally.

Painting in a hurry

Let your PBN kit help you escape your everyday worries. Take your time in finishing your painting and take as many breaks as needed. Have fun creating your masterpiece! 

Still on the lookout for the perfect gift this holiday season? Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of creativity and self-care with Opalberry Paint By Numbers Kit. Our kits are housed in thoughtfully-crafted, ready-to-gift boxes to make gift-giving a joy this season. 

Happy holidays and have fun creating! 

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