Paint-on-Wood: Introducing the One-of-a-Kind Opalberry Paint-by-Numbers Kit

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Wood you like to try painting by numbers with a unique twist? 

Welcome to a transformative experience with our most exclusive offering-- Opalberry’s Wood Panel Paint By Numbers kit. Aside from the distinct painting experience you get compared to that on a canvas, a wooden board is known for its durability and ability to make the colors more vibrant as the art ages through the years.

The “Island Beach with Pirate Ship” PBN kits come with the paint-on-wood option, the perfect formula to make you feel the excitement as you finish a breathtaking masterpiece!

Your go-to-girl for all things art and creativity, Melanie of Melanie B’s Creative Studio shares in her Youtube channel some tips on how to make your painting experience on a wooden panel PBN kit a success. Watch below as Melanie shares her thoughts: 

Housed in a beautifully designed box perfect for gift-giving, our wood panel PBN kit comes with all the tools you need to create your next masterpiece. Crafted with your comfort in mind, the design is printed clearly with black ink on our zero-fold wooden board. Each kit also comes with a design reference guide, along with a handy bookmark-sized magnifying glass for an optimum painting experience. 

Painting on a wooden board provides you a creative experience like no other. With a smooth, even surface, our wooden board lets the paint glide with ease without compromising its quality and vibrancy. Here are some tips to help you paint with ease on a wood panel:

Prime your wood panel

Before starting on your PBN project, Melanie suggests priming your wood panel with a clear gesso to help with paint adherence and absorption. Available at your local art supply shop, gesso is a paint mixture that gives texture to the wood and prepares it for paint application. Brush over a layer of clear gesso on your wooden board and let it dry. Avoid sanding your wood panels as this further smoothens the surface and can cause issues with paint transparency. Note that gesso-ing is an optimization technique, and not strictly necessary - you can also paint your board right out of the box.

Prep your tools

Prepare a cup of water and paper towels on your painting area prior to the painting session to easily rinse off excess paint on your brushes after each color. Paint in downward strokes and try to avoid going back and forth with your brush. Gesso adds texture to the surface that can affect the quality of your brushes.

Review your paint swatches

Also included in your PBN kit is a pre-filled digital swatch file (that will be sent to your email), created in collaboration with Melanie, to serve as a reference guide as you work on your masterpiece. To get the swatch file that is specific to your design, click this link and be sure to select the exact one that you plan to paint. 

While our paints come with a creamy consistency and are ready to use straight from the jars, feel free to adjust its consistency as needed. In her video, Melanie adds a couple of drops of flow-aid to her paint. Flow-aid (an optional fluid additive) increases paint flow and absorbency making painting a breeze.

Plan your paint process

Start with the darker colors and larger areas first then work your way along. If you are left-handed, start painting from left to right and if you’re right-handed, paint from top to bottom to avoid paint smudging. You can also rotate your wooden board to have a better angle when painting different areas so make sure you have ample working space to do so. Use our specially-designed bookmark-sized magnifier to help you with the smaller details.

Have fun!

Our PBN kits are designed for the ultimate stress-free painting experience. Your PBN project should be a fun and relaxing one so take all the time you need to rest, appreciate your progress, and then finish your painting. We also recommend finding a well-lit painting spot as well as a comfy chair with enough back support to help give you a pleasant painting experience. Once done, proudly display your finished work—our picture-perfect wood panel PBN kits make for great display pieces and are sure to get conversations started.

Give your loved ones the gift of art with these kits that come in thoughtfully-crafted, ready-to-gift boxes. It’s an ideal gift for yourself, too. Get started on your art-ventures and try out our Paint-on-Wood PBN kits today!

Have fun creating!

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